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At a glance :

Region : India's northern eastern region

Attractive Tourist Spots : Tea gardens, tribes

Capital City : Dispur

Perfect Visiting Time : Entire year

Assam state is historically rich and culturally a royal state that has very amazing and interesting factors. From climate till tribes of this state, you will find uniqueness and refreshing aspects. As per the other states of India, Assam state also includes colorful Culture and enthusiastic people. This state has a rich history that reflects through the religion, language, arts & crafts and climate of this state.

Climate :

Climate of Assam state is one of the essential factors of this state, which has contributed to make this state pleasant and eligible to contain hill stations like Guwahati, Manali etc. here you will get to enjoy sub alpine weather. Assam state is more of a hilly place, that’s why along with pleasant climate; it also serves marvelous beauty of nature. With cool climate, the weather of Assam state also includes humidity in all seasons. The most favorable and favorite season is winter, during this season, Assam state comes in its real and pure look that is unbelievable and tremendous.

Religion :

Religion is an internal soul of this state, society and community, and it is necessary for the development. Assam state's community contains various numbers of religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism. Despite from these religions different original groups are also live in this state such as Tantricism, Animism, Vaishnavism and Brahminism. Even if there are so many different religions still all Assamese are live lovingly.

Language :

Assam state follows two official languages, which are Bodo and Assamese, though few districts of this state like Barak Valley, speak in Bengali language. Most of the Assamese talks in Assamese language. The language which is majorly used is known as Asamiya. From the Indo Aryan family, the word Assamese has been derived. Actually this language was born from India's rich Sanskrit language, during the seventh century. The literature of Assam states has been popular as India's richest literature.

Arts & Crafts :

Beautiful and intricate arts and crafts are one of the attractive aspects of this state. In the arts and crafts of Assam state, you will find the real face of this state, because it is a pure art of this state, made by creative hands of Assamese. Handicrafts like Bamboo and cane, metal work, Pottery, Handlooms, toys, Masks, wood work and Jewellery etc. Number of tourists specially visits Assam to buy the classic and beautiful craft and art of this state.

Tribes :

Assam state's population highly contains various types of tribes, along with their beliefs and customs. The presence of tribal people starts from hilly areas of Assam. There are tribes like Dimasa, Bodo, Nishi, Rabha, Mishing, Santhal, Singpho, Phake, Karbi, Khamti, Khamyang etc. Few tribes of Assam state are connected to the great history of India. These tribes have become one of the amazing and interesting aspects of this state.

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