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Assam Places to see BARMAN

At a glance :

Region : India's northern Eastern part

Tourist Spots : Wildlife and Tribes, Tea Gardens

Capital City : Dispur

Perfect Visiting Time : All year

Assam state of India has various tribes; this state is like an abode of numbers of tribes. Barman is one of the prime tribe of this state. It is not other than Hinduised Kacharis, it is more perfect Hinduised Dimasas that is located within the Cachar district. The group of this tribe are self made that is made of Boro and Kacharis, after some time, they established their group as Dimasa. This tribal type of Assam has more Hindus compared to other tribal groups. Within the ancient countless spiritual festivals, till today they have preserved one very historical religious ritual that is Dainie Puja. In this ritual, Barman tribe's Hindus rule their funerals and marriages. As per the Barman tribal people, they consider themselves as inherited of Kshtriyas. For survival, people of Barman have adopted agriculture as their prime occupation. If you want to visit Barman tribal people then during your Assam trip, do must visit the hilly area, there you will surely get to see the Barman tribe. They always choose a particular place, where the River is flowing, so that they can easily establish their tribe.

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