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Assam Places to see BODOS

At a glance :

Region : India's northern Eastern region

Capital City : Dispur

Perfect Visiting Time : Entire the year

Attractive Tourist Spots : Tea gardens, Tribes and wildlife.

Assam state's Bodos tribe is one more essential tribe of this state, the name Bodo has originated from Bhotia, it serves to explain various Trans Himalayan tribals that contains Daflas, Monpas, Arunachal Pradesh state's Mishimis, Meghalaya's Garos and Tripura's Cachar hills. This tribe of Assam is also popular as Boro Kachari, who was ruling over India's northern Eastern part, from the Ramayana days, during that time it has developed its civilization, which flourished until the eighteenth century's ending part. People of Bodo Kachari tribe are parts of Indo Chinesetice, its real origin is connected to Hoang-Ho and Yangtse - Kiang.

Bodo tribes follow their own traditions, customs and religious beliefs. They believe in marriage by cooperation, it is majorly performed by the Bodo tribal people. Groom of Bodo and Kacharis still occupy the bride through serving in the bride's house. This type of marriage is known as matri's practice, within the Boro Kachari's residence. People of this tribe usually follow exogamy. Tribal people of Boro Kachis are considered as totemistic. This tribe has huge clan names that showcase their birth from plants and animals like Hari-clan, Massahari, Owari, Massa-Tiger, Hari clan, Gay betelnut, Goyari, and Oqwa-bamboo etc. The people of Bodo and Kacharis practice an art known as Cleromacy . To occupy one particular God, who has carried specific disaster in the family or to search hidden domestic animals, the tribals request the Ojha village, who suggested them cleromancy. As per other normal caste or religion's people, Bodos people also celebrate their joy through dance and singing. The prime dance form of this tribe is Deodhani, generally this dance is practiced within the Kherai festival, it looks if they performed necromancy, and it is one more divination form to tell the various happenings.

You will find the people of Bodo and Kachari tribe majorly within the remote area, that come under the various districts such as Kamrup, Goalpara and some part of Darrang and 2 hills districts, here they are popular as Dimasas. Few scholars considered that Boro Cacharis are 1st agricultural Nomad, who entered inside the globe part. Bodo Kacharis were the 1st people, who established the irrigation system, they guided them how to dwell themselves along with plants. The first tribe that has used the silk culture art. The prime occupation of this tribe is agriculture, for survival, majorly they practice wet cultivation. The village of Bodo Kachari is self sufficient, because they have goldsmiths, merchants, coppersmiths, blacksmiths and carpenters, here you will find that each woman of this tribe is a weaver. There is a saying that from Indo Mongoloid, India has adopted the embroidery and weaving technique. Within Assam state, earlier Bodos Kacharies tribal people were the pillars due to their marvelous craft art and skills.

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