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Assam Places to see KARBIS

At a glance :

Region : India's northern eastern part

Tourist Places : Tea gardens, wildlife, tribes

Capital city : Dispur

Perfect Visiting Time : Through out the year

People of Assam state considered that Mikirs or Karbis is one of the most historical races of this state. The talented artist Bishnu Prasad Radha believed that Karbis tribe is Assam's Columbus. They give huge importance to their culture, religious beliefs and tradition thats why they still follow it. Their Primitive man was Hemphu. As per the Karbi tradition, their 1st king was Sat Recho, he promised them his renaissance at specific civilization stage to dominate over the earth one more time. Few clans of Karbis considered that they have derived totemistic. The very respected and faithful god of Karbi's is Barithe, it is a heaven's god. Their prime social event is Chamangkan.

Majorly, Karbis dwell in a district called Sibsagar and few portion of Nowgong. Huge numbers of Karbis were into Jhum cultivation, until the 50th, but at present all people of Karbis have converted into wet cultivation. If you observe the house pattern of Karbis, you will find resemblance of their house with Radha house. For their tribal village, people of Karbis majorly prefer land that is located at hill's foot area. Their village has many families and their village got the name later the headman.

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