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Assam Places to see ASSAM PILGRIMAGES

Assam is the place with beautiful scenic flowers of varied species, rare animals and friendly localites. This is the land of rhinoceros and the River Brahmaputra. The national festival of Assam is Bihu which is a must visit; this festival occurs in the month of April and is enjoyed with songs and Bihu Dances. This is the New Year for Assamese.

When Assam comes to your mind the first thing that gets registered are the Tea Gardens those fresh looking gardens like Bihu, Mekhela Chadar and many more. But Assam is also very well known for its cultural heritage that very few people knew about. The Pilgrimage of Assam is merged with great hot spots in India. Assam has a reason for the pilgrims visiting it, that its blessed with the several religious sects that bears a grouse significance.

The Pilgrimage of Assam is not only is the place of worship but also provides education and explanation to many poetries of propagators, literature, culture-folk and the sculptures of the monasteries, satras that propagate neo-Vaishnavism. There are several entities instituted by the Vaishnava revivalist, the saint Sankardeva and also the present entities located at Auniati, Dakhinpat, Garhmukh and many others. Additionally, this place is also famous for the worship of Shakta that has a rich custom. The temples well known for goddess Kali are the Navagraha and Kamakhya, these temples have strong stories of animal sacrifice. For the strong connection to Lord Shiva, Mahabhairav and Sivasagar located at Shivdal are the most visited. On the northern banks of Brahmaputra is the Hajo which is a scared place of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. The other places to look upon are Basistha and Bhuban temple.

The Pilgrimage of Assam is the most leveling experience that one can have. The shrines from various religions are domiciled in Assam, where people have faith in all religions. This shows the tolerance for religion in the hearts of people of Assam. The presence of Buddhist Monasteries in Assam proves this state to be the important destination for Buddhists. Majority of these sites are placed amidst the scenic places which gives nature’s touch to the pilgrims visiting these places. The mosques and temples that are found in Assam are the oldest in style and architecture in the whole North India.

The list of the religious spots goes as follows:

Ashvakranta Temple :

This is a Vaishnav Shrine situated in North Guwahati.The temple of Ashvakranta is believed to be ascended by a Horse and this is the same place where God Krishna had stopped before defeating naraka.This temple idolizes the idol of Anantasayin Vishnu. The idol of Lord Vishnu specifies excellent architectural and carving work.Ashvakranta Temple is considered to be very important and significant as it is one of the Holiest teertha sthanam and it is also strongly believed that the one who visits this shrine is freed from every sins.

Dah Parbatiya :

The temple of Dah Parbatiya is located at Tezpur.As of now the only remains is the temple of Shiva which is believed to be constructed during the period of Ahom.The ruins, which are present, signifies great architectural carvings and artistic work of the Ahom.This temple till date draws tourists from far off.

Sri Surya Prahar Ruins :

The Ruins of Sri Surya Prahar, is one of the popular archaeological sites in India. It sways over an area of 7 miles.This is a very famous site that depicts the rich spiritual side of Assam. You can spot many idols, which depicts the rich and splendid architectural and carving nature of Assam. The sculptures carved in this ruins depicts Shaktism, Shaivism and vaishnavism.It is a must visit place for all the art lovers and is an important site for the spiritualistic.

Vishnu Tirtha Asvakranta :

The sight of Vishnu Tirtha Asvakranta is considered to be one of the greatest Vishnu Shrine in the world. The location of this temple gives a magnificent view, as it is located on the banks of River Bramhaputra.This shrine also has the footprints of God Vishnu that draws lots of crowds throughout the year.

Hazo :

This temple is situated in Kamrup District of Guwahati.This is one of the popular spots for the Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. You will find some of the sanctified shrines like Fakuwa Dol, Hayagriva Madhava Temple, Kedar Temple Ganesha Mandir, Devi Temple and Poa Mecca. This temple covers the shrines of most of the religions and is a pleasant site to visit.

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