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Fast Facts :

Place : Assam state, India

Archeological Meaning : Encloses the ruins of Post period of Gupta and rock carvings of Buddhist Relics.

The Jogighopa and Pancharatna are the two main historic sites that are located on the reservoir of River Brahmaputra, in the state of Assam. The Pancharatna is situated on the southern part of the bank, which lies at a distance of around one hundred and sixty kilometer. It is close to the western side of Guwahati where you can travel by road. The Jogighopa is located on the northern part of the river banks, which lies at a distance of over two hundred and twelve kilometers from Guwahati city through the Nothern Highways.

It is the most famous site that is preserved in the state of Assam even today. There are a number of attractions that are worth visiting while exploring in this region. Tourists hail from all around the world to see this wonderful site in their tour to Assam. It contains several cubicles that were constructed in this place. Mostly, there are some of the small rooms which are cut down from the steep rocks.These cubicles are mainly used by the monks where they live for their meditation. These small rooms are too old mainly from the time of medieval period that are discovered here. There are plenty of caves that are found here where the monks use to reside in, but among them there are few of them which are too small in size. In the region of Pancharatna, it boasts some of the ruins that belong from the post Gupta period. There are various sacred temples and some other ruins that are made from huge rock stones such as the beautiful massive Buddhist Stupa.

This wonderful historic site faces each other where one is on the northern banks, while the other on southern banks of rapid flowing river Brahmaputra. It is the most beautiful site to witness which is enclosed with the background of Assam history. Around thousands of tourists come to visit this place while exploring in the province of India. However, there are numerous small caves, but they are quite big enough to sleep and sit inside. A warning for visitors is that, the caves are not that adequate that a grown person can stand erect.

However, they are the most unusual caves that are stated by the archeologist, the ancient artists earlier did not enlighten about their creativity and the time consumed to construct. The Pancharatna is the most renowned place for its ruins of post Gupta shrines that are made from the rock cuts. Other than the sacred temples, there are also some of the other antiquities that you can spot in neighborhood regions.

There are various mode of transportation where you can travel to Jogighopa and Pancharatna. Regular bus services are available from the city of Guwahati, which pass through various towns and cities. By road you can also hire a car or can also travel by taxis. Other transport facility to reach this destination is by ferry services that are available from different ports across the river Brahmaputra.

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