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Assam Places to see ASSAM WILDLIFE

The state of Assam in India is the most prominent place if you are looking to experience a thrilling and wildlife in your vacation. This place covers an extensive area of open lands, vast dense forest, and beautiful climate which creates an excellent spot for wildlife to thrive. Tourist from all corners of the world hail here to witness this place, however it is renowned for two main things. One is for its tea plantation, while the other is for its amazing wildlife parks. Assam state is the second replica of Africa which encloses several areas for wildlife. Tourists who are aficionado can witness this state during their trip to an adventure place. While exploring in this state, you will come across various pristine national parks or wildlife sanctuary that are worth visiting.

Among all of them undoubtedly is the Kaziranga National Park, which is home to a number of wild animal species. This national park is renowned for its one horned rhinoceroses that are found in this world. Majority of you must not be aware that besides the species of rhino, it also encloses a high density of wild tigers on the earth. However, due to the climatic condition and stunning landscapes, it helps a lot for preserving various different types of animal species. The climate here is tropical that attracts a wide range of migratory birds to reside in the state of Assam. The only reason to visit Assam state is for experiencing a trip to several wildlife sanctuaries in this province of India. The Kaziranga National Park is vast which covers an area of around 430 square kilometers. When you visit this place, majority of the portion is enclosed with the elephant grasses that are pretty tall. The most common animal species you can spot here is fishing eagle, adjutant stork, heron, egret, and hornbill. The best season to visit this national park is between the months of November to March; visitors make a note that it is closed from the month during April to October.

Another most popular wildlife sanctuary in the state of Assam is Manas National Park situated on the bottom of the Himalayan region where some of the parts are extended into the district of Bhutan. Originally, this park was started with a very less area of three hundred and sixty kilometer in the year 1928. But later, in the year 1955, this wildlife sanctuary was declared as a national park and also the area increased over three hundred and ninety one square kilometer. It is a most visited park where you can explore while on tour to Assam. In the year 1985, in the month of December, this park was recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The Manas National Park is renowned for its tiger population that resides within the park.

However, the Project Tiger came into existence only in the wildlife park of Assam state. Besides, the density of tiger, it is also famous for its one horned rhinoceros. There are various species of animals that dwell in the Manas National Park it includes Hispid Hare, Assam Roofed turtles, Pigmy Hog, Sambar, Hog Deer, wild boar, and many more are found here. This park is close to the City of Guwahati at a distance of one hundred and seventy six kilometer, where you can also get regular bus services that pass through different cities and towns by road. If you are searching for some adventure and thrill in your trip, make sure you visit Manas National Park which is an important destination of Assam. There are various recreational activities offered here for visitors where they can indulge into to experience adventure and excitement.

In the state of Assam in India, after exploring all the above mentioned national parks, make sure you also visit the Nameri Tiger Reserve. This pristine park is located at the bottom of the Eastern Himalaya in the territory of Sonitpur. However, this park is enclosed with a wide range of rare and endangered with different species of plant and animal life in the world. Another wildlife sanctuary closure to this park is the Pakhui. It also stretches to the banks of Bor Dikorai River where you can easily spot wild animals when they come to drink water. The area that the Nameri Tiger Reserve covers is over two hundred square kilometer. There are many small tributaries of Jia Bharali River which are named as the Doigurung, Nameri, Dinai, Dikorai, Diji, and Khari. This national park also encompasses a huge ‘Naudar Reserve Forests’ which covers up an area of eighty square kilometer. It is the most prominent park which ranks as a second Tiger Reserve that attracts various tourists from across the globe.

The tropical climatic condition is mesmerizing where it rains heavy rainfall. Therefore, during the rainy season the animals head to the small terrain of hills where they can protect themselves from rain water. Because in this season, the water level of the river increases more than the average level and flows rapidly. If you are planning to visit the Nameri Tiger Reserve make sure you hail here during the month of May to September. The main charm of this national park is the Jia Bharali River and the stunning hillocks. When you witness this place in the monsoon season you can see there are some jheels that are formed due to rain water, where white feathered ducks also reside here. To get a close look of the wild and rare mammals and bird’s species, this is the perfect place to explore. Apart from the mammals, you can also spot reptiles, fishes, birds, and vegetations.

In the wildlife of Assam, you can stay in these national parks overnight where you can experience more thrill and adventure. There are various accommodation facilities offered including lodges, rest houses, and other private hotels that are close from these parks. The accommodations provided are well equipped in affordable and reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your trip now to explore the wildlife of Assam in India. Where you trek in the dense forest, hike on the steep hillocks, swim in the rapid flowing rivers, and stray in the park to observe the wild animal behaviors in elephant safari or jeep safari. These are the activities that you can indulge in, so make a prior booking for any one of the safari to explore the wildlife and adventure. On the spot booking and if not booked before visiting can be troublesome to you. An important note for tourist, make sure you visit these national parks under the tour guide which will head you to only areas where animals are seen in more amount.

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