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At a glance :

Place : From East of Guwahati, 217-km, Assam

Major Attractions : One-Horned Rhino and Elephant Safari

Best season to Visit : Mid November month to starting April year

Facts :

Kaziranga National Park is one of the prominent park which lies partially in the Golaghat District and half in the Nagaon District that are located in the state of Assam. It is an oldest park in the state of Assam that covers the area of around four hundred and thirty square kilometer. The main attraction of this park is its natural beauty where you can see the Brahmaputra River on the northern region and also the Karbi Anglong hills which lies to the south part here. The main National Highway thirty seven passes from this park area and other tea estates, bordered by the tea bushes. Visitors can also see various wild elephants and rhinos wandering near the national highway.

This national park is solitary amongst the other national parks in the globe and it is also renowned as the delight of ‘North East India.’ located in the extreme geographical place, this park contributes to an enormous range of vibrant natural beauty. It is sited just beside the rapid water flowing Brahmaputra River that lies on the North part. Bordered by rich tea bushes, the Kaziranga National Park provides an impressive scenic sight. This national park is well known as a home for many wildlife species which are spotted by visitors while exploring. There are many wild animals that live here such as swamp deer, wild water buffalo, Rhino, elephants, and many more. It also offers bird area where the avifaunal species are preserved.

The Kaziranga National Park is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site; this park is renowned for the most popular species the Great Indian one horned rhinoceros, tall elephant grass, the stunning landscape of the Kaziranga, rugged reeds, sheer forest, marshes and shallow pools, and a lot more. In the year 1974, this place was finally declared as a national park for preserving wildlife. It is one of the famous and last areas in the eastern part of India which is undisturbed by human presence. It is populated by world's major inhabitants of the Great Indian one-horned rhinoceroses, and also by several mammals, including elephants, tigers, bears, panthers, and many thousands of birds.

Around 70% of the land is home for this one horned rhinoceroses that dwell in the grassland area here. It is the most beautiful and attractive place to be visited once in your life. Visitors from across the globe and also from different regions of India come to visit this site in their vacation. People who are wildlife and adventure aficionado make sure to witness this place to experience some excitement and thrill in their alluring trip. To explore this park, visitors can take a ride on the back of giant elephants to view the wild animals wandering in the grassland and plains. Other option to explore in the Kaziranga National Park is by cruising in a boat on the Brahmaputra River. This park is not open for 365 days but the best time to be visited by tourist is from the month of November to the end of April.

Flora And Fauna :

The Kaziranga National Park, offers various attractions for visitors, among them the most popular is to see the flora and fauna of Assam here. There are many mammals and flora that dwell in this place which the tourist can spot while exploring. Animal watching are assured, with Deer, Rhinos, and flock of the Wild Buffalo which are found grazing near the entrance of park, it is not as far away from the ‘Administrative Centre of Kohora.’

While straying in this national park, you can find various two winged birds including Herons, Fish-Feeding Eagles, Storks, Egrets, and the Grey Pelican dependency settled between the red colored cotton trees. There are a few tracks going through this extensive area of grassland, however, the Wild Elephants rarely hazard into it, favoring to remain in this forested uplands, while the tigers are extremely elusive. The evergreen grasslands surround the cultivated area and the domestic cattle invade upon this wildlife sanctuary. The wild animals at this place are under endangered species and a threat for tourist. Hunting is common in this national park, with the rhino’s horns winning excessive prices as stimulants.

Kaziranga's ‘the Great Indian One-Horned Rhino’ :

With the inhabitants of above a thousand, this one horned Rhino's take the largest attention in the distinctive land mass. Early in the winter morning, visitors can get the best view by sitting at the back of a elephant. This elephant ride last for over an hour, and visitors should ensure that it should be reserved prior mainly in the preceding evening at the Kaziranga National Park office in Kohora.

Though this elephants do not enter in far away areas in this wildlife sanctuary, it just travels for a distance of three to four kilometers in a circle. It is hard to believe how a lot of wildlife can be viewed in such a small area. Another attraction of this park is the dawn ride; visitors can get to experience this spectacular scene only if one gets up early in the morning. The rhinos appear to be unconscious to the flashes of camera clicking by tourists, even though like the irregular wild buffalo, they mainly are ready with their lethal horns and also potentially violent actions. If you feel scared to ride on the back of the elephant while exploring in the Kaziranga National Park, the availability of jeeps are also offered which are allowed to penetrate in deep dense forest. These jeeps are safer and has a thick net for protection, in this safari visitors can even get close to the wild animals for observing their behavior and movements.

Best time to visit :

Kaziranga National Park is open only from the mid month of November to early April. This park is not open the entire year, especially during the monsoons season. in this season, mostly the banks of Brahmaputra River bursts and overflows to the low lying green grasslands. During the rains the park gets flooded so they move from one place to another place but only within this national park. Visitors are prohibited to explore the park in monsoon because the leopards and Deer’s are often seen crossing the main highway road of this park to head towards the small hills until the rain water recedes.

Other main attractions :

There are many attractions that can be seen in this national park apart from the wildlife. This park is renowned for its natural beauty and grassland areas, hillocks, rapid rivers, and more. For more attraction, visitors can even stroll from the rubber plantations and lush coffee of the close by region Karbi Anglong. Tourists can also see and roam in the Karbi villages and meet the Karbi people to discover about their life and style of living. Learn more about the tea plantation, and stray through the enthralling tea gardens. Visitors can get to know how tea is made and one gets his daily cup of fresh tea. Visitors can also request for showing the films made on the wildlife of Assam state that are arranged by the tourist lodge.

Accommodation :

If you are looking forward to visit this place one doesn’t have to worry about where to stay in this place. There are various accommodation facilities offered for visitors to have a relaxing stay. The ‘Directorate of Tourism’ is concealed deep inside the forest which is located around some hundred meters away from the road. It lies to the north part of this area that offers the Bonani Lodge where the tourist can stay. All the tourists have to check in the headquarters, earlier than exploring for this national park, where you can reserve an elephant or jeep for experiencing a safari .There are also lodges and rooms near the park. There is an extensive variety of accommodation facilities here which differ from the rest houses, lodges and dormitory those are maintained by forest department or by the ITDC. This forest department mainly has one dormitory and two rest houses. And three lodges, two cottages, and one dormitory are generally offered by the ITDC. If you want privacy and want to spend quality time then staying in the Wild Grass is a perfect option which is one of the private resorts at the park. It offers a first-class alternative accommodation to stay while exploring in the Kaziranga National Park.

Note :

Visiting Kaziranga National Park independently could be quite expensive because of the two level price systems. The entry price cost for foreigners is different and for Indian Nationals is different. A visitor has to pay different charges for jeep safari and elephant safari, while charges for lodges are separate to the entrance of the park, and camera fees are variable. When visiting here you can take a total package which includes accommodation facility in Bonoshree lodge, elephant ride, meals, and carrying back to the City of Guwahati.

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