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At a glance :

Place : Assam, Lakhimpur District

Area : 49 square kilometer

Importance : Produced to shield the Wild Water Buffalo

Best season to visit : November - April

The striking Pabha Sanctuary is well known as Milroy Sanctuary, which is located in Lakhimpur District, in Assam. Even if this park features natural environment of several different types of plant and animal species, but this sanctuary was highlighted only to protect the wonderful Asiatic Water Buffalo. Comparatively, this national park is smaller and measures less than just fifty square kilometers; merely it is a striking and enthralling reserve for the fortification and conservation of various species.

The Milroy Sanctuary is one of the most famous tourist destinations, and also for luring travelers who visit this place from different parts of India and all over the world. This wildlife sanctuary offers numerous attractions for tourist to witness in their tour to Assam state. The main highlight of the Pabha or Milroy Sanctuary is the natural scenery, which is stunning that creates a sight for visitor’s eye and also the ever lasting memories of the stunning land of India. Visitors who are adventure aficionado make sure to visit this place for experiencing an alluring vacation. The best time to visit this park is according to the weather pattern and also the increase of various wild animals. So, tourists can make sure to visit this wildlife sanctuary from the month of November to April.

This park lies near the boundary of Arunachal Pradesh.The total area this park covers is around forty nine square kilometer; this sanctuary was produced with the plan of shielding the most important species that is wild water buffalo. There are many facilities available close to this park for any requirements. The Pabha or Milroy Sanctuary is witnessed around the year by number of groups who come down here to take pleasure in this extremely uncommon species of the Asiatic water buffalo. This place also offers other attractions for visitors where you can see some more unusual and large amount of different birds and fauna species.

The Pabha or Milroy Sanctuary is situated at a convenient place where there are many facilities available to access different regions. Tourist can opt for various traveling transport due to many services provided to reach this park, you can either travel by road, rail or air. All this transports are regularly accessible for experiencing comfortable and a relaxing reach to this park. The Asiatic Water Buffalo is one of the renowned species easily spotted at this place. This category of species is separated into wild sub-species and domestic. This domestic sub species is utilized for agricultural use in south Asia and also in the part of South America, Europe and some parts of North Africa.

The Wild Water Buffalo is famous for its chemical attraction to the water where they sit to cool. These types of animals can easily be found in the regions of India, Bhutan, Thailand, and Nepal. Today, only a few numbers of animals are left that belong to this kind of sub-species. It has taken place due to the factors that affect the animal species such as drainage water from industrialization, water pollution, and air pollutions. In some case, these pollutions affect the animals in a dangerous way which may also lead to death.

Main attractions :

With the main aim of shielding and protecting the most famous species is Wild Water Buffalo; however, due to this the Pabha Milroy Sanctuary was founded. Hence, the Wild Water Buffalo stays to be one of the main attractions in this wildlife sanctuary. Viewing this rare and endangered species of the Asiatic water buffalo wandering in the region of the park is in fact an enjoyable and exciting.

The wild Bubalus bubalis or Asiatic water buffalo are the rare species that can however found in various countries like Thailand, India, Nepal and Bhutan. In the Pabha or Milroy Sanctuary, there are many large wild animals weighing over one thousand and two hundred kilos and most of this species consumes food like aquatic plants, herbs, grasses and leaves. On the small hills at this park which are mainly covered by green vegetation resides local and migratory species of bird. These birds are so vibrant and beautiful which dwell on the hillock and trees, visitors if they enough lucky can spot this two winged species while trekking.

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