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A nerve center of culture & learning and the progenitor of Buddhism, Bihar is a state of multi linguistics and different religious sentiments. The cities of Bihar are embodiment of this land of enlightenment and spiritual revelation.

Patna, the capital city, is an important center of socio-economic development of the state and remained the seat of royal authority for almost two centuries. Pataliputra, the sobriquet by which it was identified in ancient time, is an influential center of trade and commerce. Patna Museum is a fantastic tourist attraction that has preserved ancient Buddha relics for a long time. Other items that are housed in its interiors are copper coins, stone sculptures, and statues. A granary at Golghar also presents a site worth visiting. Reach the top through its winding staircase and have the lovely view of the city. There are a plethora of other museums and memorials that can be fund within the precincts of this commercial town.

Among the cities of Bihar that rest over the fertile plains of Ganges, Bhagalpur is an important one. The historic importance of the city is revealed from the fact that it was ruled upon by a number of mighty empires over a long period of time. The place excels in production of finest quality of silk. Among the places of interest that are present at Bhagalpur and surrounding area are Vikramsila University, Mandar Hills, and Yogini Dham. A repository of knowledge and learning, Vikramsila University is located amidst picturesque locations. Khanqah-i-Shahbazia is a Muslim seminary that houses a library laced with books on several religions.

Aurangabad, the municipal city of Bihar, is a known for its idyllic location and fantastic backdrop formed by natural landscapes. Deo and Deo Kund, located at a short distance from it, are associated with Sun Temple. At sacred kund, pilgrims bath in water and make offerings to Lord Shiva. Piru is linked with a poet named Ban Bhatt while Siris is linked with the mutiny of 1857. Yet another tourist destination that makes Aurangabad one of the nice pilgrimage cities of Bihar is Amjhar Sharif. Dumuhani Mela is cattle fair and is an important one for the city.

A place that basks in the glory of Buddhism and is its true archetype is Bodh Gaya. It was in the premises of this spiritualistic city that Lord Buddha got enlightenment while meditating under the shade of Bodhi tree. Considered most exalted on the map of Buddhist tourist circuit, this city is thronged by lakhs of pilgrims every year. Its Mahabodhi temple, constructed by Mauryan ruler Ashoka, is know for its diamond throne ring and pillared structures. A colossal image of the Lord is placed in its interior. Apart from Bodhi tree, the place is swarmed with temples built in different architectural styles.

The ruined city of Nalanda is another epitome of Buddhism and its Nalanda University is perceived as one of the most esteemed centers of excellence. The university occupies a prominent place as a source of higher education and learning. Students as well as researchers from all over country and different parts of Asia used to enroll in its various courses. Though in ruins now, its architecture still looks resplendent. There are several halls, dormitories, classrooms, and water pools that from its interiors. Archeological Complex unearthed has thrown light on the grandeur of Nalanda which is considered amongst the historic cities of Bihar. Other site that may interest you while touring the city is Archeological Museum; history enthusiasts have a lot to explore here including copper plates, inscriptions, pottery, and terracotta items.

While going to Kushinara, Lord Buddha made one of the stoppages at Vaisali, the city of antiquity. The ideal location of this Buddhist city makes it poplar among the tourists. Here, you can spend time at Vaisali Museum, an archive of ancient ruins brought into light by archeologists. With in the premises of Bawan Pokhar, you can have the glimpse of several basalt images. The Shiva lingam at Chowmukhi Mahadeva is highly revered by the devotees. A massive mound belonging to Vaihala king is also worth visiting.

If you want to have the real taste of Bihar, do not forget to pay a visit to its Bhojpuri-styled Chhapra. Situated where Ganga and Ghagahra rivers meet each other, it is considered amongst those cities of Bihar that have preserved the ethnic culture of the state in its original form. Aami is the main center of attraction here. Here you can see a temple resting within a charming garden. A well located nearby is famous for not getting dry in any season of the year. Not very far from here is a Gautam Ashram; it was at this place that sage Gautam transformed his wife into a stone and was transformed back by Lord Rama. At Silhauri, a large number of devotees gather on the occasion of Shivaratri. The traditional fair of Sonepur is the main highlight of Chhapra and is the showcase of the ethnic culture of the state. In the month of Kartik, pilgrims take a holy bath here. Other tourist hotspots that you can pay a visit to are Chirand (an archeological site), Ashoka Pillar (place where Buddha made one of the stops on his journey to nirvana), and Bareja (related to struggle for independence).

Now, a few words on Maner… It houses tombs of Yahaya Maneri and Shah Dualat. The architecture of these structures is worth applauding. The intricate designs and old inscriptions are important part of these buildings. If you ever visit this city, never forget to taste delicious ladoos that are famous throughout India.

The cities of Bihar present themselves as nice tourist attractions and catch the fancy by their innumerable temples, mosques and other religious places.

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