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Bihar Places to see AURANGABAD CITY

Quick Bytes :

Location : Bihar

Languages : Magahi, Hindi

Climate : Tropical

Major Attractions : Deo, Siris, Piru

Best Visiting Time : Months between October and March

city is a part of the district of the same name and is an important municipality of Bihar. It is traversed by a river named Poon-Poon and flanked by the hills of Chalho & Dwarpal hills. These natural landscapes are source of many invaluable stones like sfatik, gomed, and garnet. Known for its agrarian economy, the city still lags behind in industrial development as compared to other parts of Bihar. Still under the subjugation of orthodoxy, fanaticism and casteism, the socio-economic status of this rural district lags behind others.

Down the Lane :

Aurangabad's history is directly related to that of Magadha of which it was an important part. Despite being a component of this Mahajanpada, it retained its own identity. Magadha was ruled upon by a number of important dynasties lie Maurya, Shunga, Kushana etc. Harsha, the great ruler of Vardhan dynasty, also ruled over it. Many invaluable inscriptions written during his rule and are preserved in Banbhatta Pustakalya today. After being administered by several other empires, it became part of Mughal kingdom. The place is also linked with the ferocious rebellion between Rajput rulers and British forces.

Attractions :

Aurangabad is saturated with a plethora of tourist places including monuments, temples, and mosques. The efficient modes of transportation facilitate the commutation of tourists and this has resulted in the boosting of tourist industry in the city.

Deo : Situated at a distance of about 10 kilometers from the destination, Deo is popular among the tourist for its Sun Temple. Constructed by a Chandravamshi ruler, named, Bhairvendra, the temple is a towering structure carrying a height of 100 feet. Devotees pay their obeisance to Sun god and take a holy bath in the water of Brahma Kund. During the celebration of Chhath Festival, you will notice that the premises remain crowded with devotees.

Deo Kund : Another holy place that lies at short distance from Aurangabad is Deo Kund. This pilgrimage center lies at about 10 kilometers off from the city and shelters a temple of dedicated to Lord Shiva. The special occasion of Shivratri welcomes a number of devotees from the surrounding areas. If the legends are to be believed, the temple was visited by sage Chyawan.

Piru : It is a place of historic significance. Known by the name Pritikoota, Piru is linked with Ban Bhatt, a poet in the court of Harsha Vardhan.

Siris : A pargana at the time of Mughal rule and an important battleground during the revolt of 1857, Siris is another tourist place that may interest you. Here, you can see a mosque that was built when Aurangzeb was the Mughal emperor.

Amjhar Sharif : Resting on the road connecting Gaya to Daudnagar, Amjhar Sharif is another place of Islamic pilgrimage. It is the dargah of Amjhari Quadri and attracts a multitude of Muslim devotees who arrive here in large numbers to celebrate the anniversary of the saint. A sacred hair of the sage is also kept on display.

Umga : A renowned tourist attraction of Aurangabad, Umga houses a temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. The main characteristic of the temple is that its architecture bears a resemblance to Sun Temple of Deo. The structure is made with blocks of granite and houses idols of a number of Hindu deities like Vishnu, Ganesha, and Shiva.

Ancient Forts : Other attraction of the place are the historical sites of Chandangadh, Pawai, and Mali. These places of interest are famous for existence of ancient forts. These places are of particular interest to those who have interest in history and archeology.

Culture :

Dumuhani Mela : This fair is organized at Obra and involves cattle trading activities. Carpet weaving industry is at its full vogue at Obra. Located on the bank of Punpun river, this place is also a revered site for Hindus.

Accommodation :

A few rest houses run by government are present near Aurangabad.

The ancient city is a welcoming retreat for the visitors who have keen interest in getting familiar with places of antiquity.

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