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Bihar Places to see BIHAR DANCE AND MUSIC

Bihar is one of the cultural states and is very popular for its exquisite and unique culture. Dance and Music plays an important role in decorating it. Classical Dances are quite less in this state, but you will find innumerable number of folk music and dance forms. The folk genre of dance includes tribal dance, rituals, nature, and society. The straightforward people of this land use these forms of dances to express unhappiness or joy and these dances are performed at the time of festivals the musical culture of Bihar is quite famous amongst the industry and has been privileged to produce legends like The Mishras, the Malliks, and the Bharat Ratna award winner Ustad Bismillah Khan.

If you want to witness these majestic performances then Rajgir Dance Festival is the apt time. This festival commences in the (month of October).

Bidesia dance :

This dance form deals with innumerable communal issues existing in today’s culture. It is assumed that the culture inventor of this dance form (Bhikari Thakur), barber by occupation, used sarcastic and funny and remarks to bring forward the severe subject and also by not hurting the sentiments of the masses. The tales depicted are so poignant and sensible that they carry all the memoirs of past time when males were carried away as strivers in remote lands. The theme includes the soreness of parting from their loved ones. Other themes include poverty, position of womanhoods in the civilization. Bidesia Dance is presented in (theater style) with attractive music, soothing songs and rhythmic language, which makes it one of the popular dance of (Bihar).

Jhijhian Dance :

Jhijhian dance form is a sacrament dance that is executed at the time when there is no rain and the land is dried up by the sun. The purpose of the Jhijhian dance is to appease the Rain God, Lord Indra and also solicits for his support in the contour of rains. Jhijhian dance is convoyed by a devotional song that is filled with prayers to the (Lord Indra). The group of Jhijhian dance comprises of a bansuri player, dholak player, lead singer, and a harmonium player. The dance is only performed by women.

Kajari Dance :

Subsequent to the instance of (Jhijhian dance) is ended and its purpose is victorious, it is the time for (Kajari Dance). The Kajari dance is executed all along with (Kajari song) that is a rainy season song. Commencing in the (Indian month) of 'Shravan' that is regarded as the beginning of rainy season, the Kajari dance is executed till the period Monsoon season endures. The sacred songs depict the pleasant and sudden change in the natural environment, which has taken place. The songs also describe the joyous and refreshing moods of the villagers.

Paika Dance :

This unique dance form depicts martial arts dancing which is executed in the (tribal area) of Mayurbhanj. Paika dance is carried out with swords and shields and with dancers exhibiting their capability to use these weaponries. The name Paika is coined by ‘Padatika’, which is a Sanskrit word that means infantry.Paika Dance, is executed at the time of auspicious occasions. Special grounds are made for this type of dance. Ground is sprinkled with water and oil. You will find men dressed in tight dhotis and colorful turbans performing.

Chhau Dance :

This folk Dance is from the region of (Seraikella Kharsawam).Chau Implicates mask.Chhau Dance is a war dance and nowadays is under the dance genre of narrative ballet. The sex and identity are covered because of the colorful mask he dresses in at the time of the performance.This dance form is executed annually at the time of spring season in Seraikella.

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Popular Dance And Music Of India
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