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The people of any place shape the cultural life of that area. And when the people of a state get the nourishment from great philosophers of the world, then the culture of that state is bound to be rich and immense. This is the truth behind the richness and expanse of the cultural life in Bihar. The richness of culture is evident from the vast art and crafts form witnessed in the state. 

Mithila Painting developed in Bihar manifests a feministic monopoly as the paintings are done by women only. This painting style developed in a place named Mithila and the art has a deep connection with the tribal communities who lived in caves. This art is widely practiced in Bihar and can be witnessed also in all ceremonies, most common is wedding. The illustration of mythological themes is also witnessed in Mithila paintings. The talent of the female painters of Mithila painting has transcended beyond the boundaries of Bihar as this art form is appreciated in international podium also.

Another cultural development of Bihar is observed by its wealth of dances. Chhau Dance is a male dominated dance and is a special feature of Bihar. The dance rests greatly on use of masks by the performers. These masks are again a great piece of art and are widely used for modern interior decoration. The body language of the dance projects martial form through its robustness and vitality. The dance is performed over various themes and Indian mythologies are a major one in it.

The practices and customs of tribal people of Bihar has shaped the culture of the state reasonably. Santal tribe is an important tribal group in Bihar and is well known for their planned construction of houses. Bathudi is another significant tribe who can be identified by tattoos of floral designs on their forehead and arms. Among all the tribes in Bihar, there is a common religious interest. All the tribes practice the rituals of worshiping nature especially Sal tree. The numerous beliefs and practices of the tribal communities have significantly molded the culture of Bihar.

Among the festivals of Bihar, Rajgir dance festival is the most popular one. Every year at the end of October this festival is held by tourism department of Bihar. During the festival days, Rajgir turns into an ultimate station of dance and music as the festival site displays all forms of dance and music that are practices across the world including folk daces as well.

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