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Bihar Places to see GEOGRAPHICS

Location :

Situated in Eastern India.

Capital :


Main language :

The official languages of the state are Urdu and Hindi.

Dialects :

Maithili is the prime dialect in Bihar. It is followed by the dialects like Bhojpuri and Magadhi.

Area :

99,200 sq km is the total area of Bihar. The state ranks 13th in terms of geographical size.

Terrain :

The landform of Bihar has influences of mountains and it has also several river banks all over the state.

Climate :

The state becomes extremely hot during summer and hot breeze flows in most part of Bihar during summer. In winter it remains pleasantly cols and lowest temperature ranges from 4 to 10 degree Celsius.

Important tourist destinations :

Mahabodhi Temple: It is a Buddhist shrine and aloso a world heritage site categorized by UNESCO. Nalanda University and Vikramshila University. Bodh Gaya temple at Gaya. The city of Vaishali has several historically significant places. 

Best Time to Visit :

September to April.

Transport :

By Air : There are two operational airports in Bihar; one in Patna named Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport and the other one is in Gaya named Gaya airport. Bothe the airports are international airports, however Patna airport has been tagged as restricted international airport since it has facilities to receive international chartered flights exclusively.

By water : Bihar ahs a vast network of water routes and Inland Waterways Authority of India has taken effort to increaser the present navigability of Ganges.

By Rail : The state is connected well through rail lines. The cities of Bihar are connected to metropolitan cities kike Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai directly through train routes.

By Road : Bihar is zigzagged by a vast complex of highways and thus moving around within the state is not difficult.

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