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Bihar Places to see BIHAR MUSEUMS

At a Glance :

Region : India's Northern Eastern Part

Attractive Features :
Pilgrimage of Buddhist religion

Capital City : Patna

Perfect Visiting Time :
Month of September & April

From the ancient time, India's northern east region is known as a major cultural land. This is region is called as Bihar state. This state is center of the very pure and traditional culture. This is a state where you will get to see the perseverance of the actual religious customs and beliefs. The land of the Bihar state is a great land because this is a birthplace of essential and enormous religious personalities such as Mahavir, Buddha and Nanak. The brave emperors such as Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya and Sher Shah too came from the Bihar state. Bihar state is a big architectural and cultural inheritance; you can see the ancient articles and scriptures, which works as a proof of ancient cultural time, through the oldest museums. There are few very rich museums in the Bihar state. These museums acts like a perseverance of Bihar's culture and also the neighboring regions. Bihar state's museums stand like an essence of the great sociological and cultural value. The few famous museums of Bihar are located on familiar status and these structures are the savers of the numbers of the cultural elements such as sculptures which has been made by the bronze, wood, stone, coins, terracotta objects, fossils, pottery, manuscripts and carpets etc.

As per the archaeologists, dig objects of this museums contains huge importance. The objects of tribes display the special artisanship. Bihar includes museums like Nalanda museum, Vaishali museum, Patna museum, Vikramshila museum and Bodh Gaya museum etc, these museum are very much famous among the tourists, and these heritages are one of the prime attraction of Bihar state. Despite this, there is also some science museums have been established in Bihar state. Among these science museums, Srikrishna Science Center and Patna Planetarium are the main demanded museums of tourists.

Jalan Museum :

This is one of the well known museums of Bihar state. Jalan museum has been situated in Quila House. This place comes within the Patna region. Jalan museum was recognized during the year of 1919.

Nalanda Museum :

This is another popular museum of Bihar state. It was constructed in the year of 1917. This was started by the government of India. This has been situated within the Nalanda region.

Patna Museum :

During the year of 1917, this Patna musem was started. This museum is located in one of the prime place of this Bihar state that’s why it attracts large numbers of tourists and visitors.

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