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Bihar Places to see NALANDA MUSEUM

At a Glance :

Region :
Bihar, Nalanda

Close Attractive Spots :
Nalanda University

Started In : 1915

Visiting Timings :
Between 10:00am - 05:00pm, Closed on Friday.

Nalanda museum of Bihar state is a very valuable property of this state. Any state or place's museum is actual wealth of that particular place; because through museums only you can know about the traditional Culture and historical structure. These constructions makes nation proud. Every country of this world always try to store their sources and heritage, through this you can portray the history. India also has many cultural heritages. Nalanda's university is one very great heritage but it needs preservation and care. Government of India kept all these essential things in mind and decided to build Nalanda museum in 1917. They constructed the Nalanda Archeological museum. Nalanda museum contains the oldest historic, which was founded on the exhume site, this site had been destroyed during the 12th century. This historical museum contains the ancient collection, which are more than thirteen thousand four hundred sixty three antiques. Among these antiques three hundred forty nine are showcased within the 4 galleries of Nalanda museum.

All these historical items were founded within the Nalanda, during the 5th century. This Nalanda University was damaged through the Turkish attackers during the 12th century. here you will get to see all the historical articles, which belongs to the 12th century. the ancients items which has been founded within the Nalanda contains sculptures made of stucco, stone, terracotta and bronze all these artifacts have been placed in this museum. the prime gallery of this museum displays the 16 sculptures which includes the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Trailokya vijay, Varad Buddha, Maitreya, Bhumisparsh figures, Dharmachkra, Nagaraj, Parshvanath and Samantbhadra. This oldest museum is standing on the land of the Bihar state and carrying large numbers of memories of history. The collection of this heritage is very huge, here you will also get to see that on this region Buddhism religion were dominating and also on the surrounding parts, that’s large numbers of the people of Bihar state adapted Dhamma.

Within the structure of the Nalanda museum, on the 3rd gallery showcases around 93 examples of bronze sculptures, it also contains the 2 pictures of the Lord Buddha in the helping shape, Loknath, Tara, Padmapani, Prajnparmita and Bodhisttava etc. one more Lord Buddha's sculpture displays the earth touching shape, you can see it only in the Nalanda museum of Bihar. Apart from the pictures of the Lord Buddha, in the museum you will also get to see the pictures of the Indrani, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, Surya, Kamadeva etc. the images of Brahminical religion you can see below the roof of Nalanda museum. if you want to known about the ancient life of the Bihar, then visit Nalanda museum, where you will get to see all the rare sculptures which were founded in the land of the Bihar state.

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