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Bihar Places to see PATNA MUSEUM

At a Glance :

Region : Patna

Visiting Times : Tuesday - Sunday, between 10:00am - 04:30pm.

Major Ownership : Deedar Ganj Yakshi

This is one more famous museum of the Bihar state, Patna museum was started during the year of 1917. The major motto of behind constructing this museum was to make a structure to show the development of history, art tradition and culture of this state. Because this museum has been situated in the capital city of the Bihar state Patna, it got the name Patna museum. This rich heritage has a big perseverance of the historical artifacts, which was founded while the mine of oldest sites and places comes within the Bihar state. this historical museum contains the huge storage of sculptures, made in the Mathura and Gandhara style. All these ancient sculptures belong to period of Kushana. The sculptures of Gandhar style too famous by Greeco Buddhist Art. These sculptures created by blue schist. The collection of the Patna museum also contains the Lord Buddha's figures. Apart from the Lord Buddha's sculptures, there are also many Bodhisattvas statues which you can see within the Patna museum. Here you will also get to see the divine artifact chest of Lord Buddha, it also consists him selves ashes. This heritage also includes the antiques items, which were founded while the mine of the various regions of the one Bihar state. Few of them are pre historic and few antiques are belongs to the early centuries. In the post mining, the archeologist founded numbers of ancient things, which consists few sculptures made of stone, bronzes, historic objects, miniature paintings, terracotta, coins and thanka paintings etc are very essential artifacts to get the information of the development and history of Bihar.

Here you will also get to see few objects which are belongs to the pre history, these oldest items actually creates interest and excitement in the tourists. These items contain Microliths, Palaeoliths and neoliths. All these items were founded from various portion of this cultural state. the common items such as Paleothic was founded in Madhya Pradesh state's Bariar, Tamil Nadu state's Attirampakkam, Uttar Pradesh state's Lalitpur, now you came to know that Patna museum is so much rich and great in preserving the history of Bihar state. here you are going to see so many things, which you will hardly get to see at any other place. Patna museum too showcases the sculptures, which belongs to the Kushana period. This contains the popular trio belongs to the Nawada district's Devangarh.

This museum also includes the 3 different idols of the deities like Balarama, Ekanamsa and Vasudeva, these deities have been displayed here. These idols you won’t get to see every easily anywhere else, it is very scarce. Apart from these scarce items, it also has the 3 pictures of the Maitreya, Avalokitesvara and Buddha, the image is in bhumisparsh shape. All these images were founded in the mining at Vishnupur, comes under the district called Gaya. You will see few frames of door n the shape of Yamuna and Ganges, displays on their sides.

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