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Bihar is very rich in its culture. The land has Jainism and Buddhism in its tradition and culture. The people of Bihar have a varied range of fiesta. The festivals celebrated here are directly linked with the way people live and the culture that has been carried since many years. People here celebrate many festivals that include Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, Holi, Dusshera, Bhaiya Dooj and Deepawali. Apart from these festival the other festivals includes the Chhath Pooja that is celebrated amongst all in Hindus.

Chhath Feista is commited to the powerful Sun God. It marks its beginning on the fourth day of Karthikh Shukla Paksha which is the 2nd fortnight of Kartik. This lies from late October to the middle of November that depends upon the yearly calendar. Chhath Pooja is considered to be one of the best and the holy festival of Bihar. It may extend up to four days. The festival is organized and celebrated with great devotion and pomp amongst the people of Bihar. It is not necessary to celebrate this festival only at one place; the only thing is the matter of celebration.

Holi is amongst those festivals which are celebrated with great enthusiasm on the grounds of Bihar. There are songs for each festival in Bihar and the song sung for the festival of Holi is known as Phagua. These songs has the superbly melodious and rhythms. Biraha is another popula songr amongst the people of Bihar that has a huge story behind it.

Apart from Biraha, it has a very ancient tradition of melodious old folk songs that are sung during all the important occasions that includes birth ceremonies, marriages and even gauna. These songs are sung together and in a group without even setting so many musical. They are played with the help of the Dholak, Tabla and the even the Harmonium. Many of the songs from the Hindi movies have been inspired from the Bhojpuri songs. Bihar has a very rich heritage of handicrafts that includes the wall hangings, miniatures from leaves and papers, wooden stools, bamboo, stone pottery and the beautiful appliqué work. Madhubani paintings that are world famous are from Bihar. These works are carried out in almost every house and are also exported. There is a stringent monopoly of Mithila, Madhunabi artists carry natural colors on the cloth and the paper that specially narrated the stories from the great epics and the other religious events.

People of Bihar :

People from Bihar are generally orthodox and they truly believe in continuing their rich tradition that portrays Indian Values. They hold strong belief in God according to their religion. They have a very simple life and are full of fun and enthusiasm. They are very fond of Indian cinema and they are generally movie buffs.

Bihar state has always welcomed the tourist from India and all over the world. There are tourist’s hotels and the travelers all around the state. The overall Culture of Bihar comes under the definition of orthodox. Most of the time they are watching their favourite bhojpuri movies and hindi films. They are totally in it and hence as a result, they don’t want or attend pubs and the parties. They hardly attend such parties and if at all they wish, there are many dancing clubs that entertain themselves.

Apart from this, the art well known as Madhubani has a great importance in Bihar. This form of art is as popular as Angika art. This art has its origin in the Mithila region and shows one of the best paintings or wall hangings that enriches the tradition of Bihar.

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