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Fast Facts :

Location :
Western part of Champaran district, Bihar, India.

Best time to visit : From the month of October to June.

Major feature : Ranked as 18th Tiger Reserve, in 1990.

Coverage area :
800 square kilometer.

The Valmiki National Park is one of the most prominent parks which are situated on the western part of the Champaran district in Bihar state. This park is stretched over an area of over 335.64 acres (800 square kilometer). In the year 1990, the national park was started as the 18th Tiger Reserve among the other parks in Bihar state. It is well renowned for a large amount of wild tiger population, which positioned it on the fourth place. Originally, the state government of Bihar gave an area of around 464.60 square kilometers in the year 1978. Later on, in the year 1989, this reserve was transformed into a national park and wildlife sanctuary. Finally, in 1990, the sanctuary was added more land area of 419.18 square kilometer which totaled into 880.78 square kilometer.

The Valmiki National Park is bounded with the Gandak River on the western part and at Nepal the Royal Chitwan National Park. The river gives a beautiful backdrop of the wide range of Himalayan Mountains that offers a picturesque view for visitors. This park has around ten tigers according to the latest count recorded by the government by using Robust capture and recapture methodology. Even the ‘Wildlife Trust of India’ has currently traced them with the help of a camera by using this method in this area. Apart from the tigers, there are also other species that are notable in the park; they are the wild dog and the civet. In the year 1990, a maximum number of wild tigers resided here, which made it one of the popular Tiger Reserve of Bihar.

While roaming in the national park, visitors will come across enormous collection of flora and fauna which draws the attention of many people. The charm of the park is created by the Sal forest and other landscapes that make your vacation the most remarkable one. The forest here is dense and moist and a large amount of the park is covered with tall green trees. There are several trees here, but among them the most common that visitors can find are the wet grasslands, reed beds, cane, and Sal. People who are adventure aficionado and nature lover this is the perfect place where they can experience their memorable trip in Bihar.

All the wild animals and bird species nestle in the lap of nature which attracts majority of the tourist to visit the Valmiki National Park. Travelers from all corners of the world including different states, regions, and countries appeals both national international people to visit for experiencing thrill and excitement. Wildlife of Bihar is worth watching but the most appropriate place is the Valmiki National Park. The blend of small hill terrains, rapid river water of Gandak, deciduous forest generates the park its frequently visited tourists. The most spectacular and beautiful view is the Gandak river water passing through the Mount Annapurna, which represents the amazing image of India. The most common animal visitors that you can spot here is the Indian bison and the one horned rhinoceros which migrate from the Chtiwan national park to Valmiki nagar. The forest in the national park is a combination of the swamps and savannah lands, which is rich in cane, khair, dry Siwalik Sal, Bhabar Dun Sal. Initially, during the 1950s, this dense forest area was owned by Ramnagar Raj and Bettiah Raj.

Apart from the beautiful nature and unusual bird species, the Valmiki National Park is popular for wild animals that are an icon of Bihar wildlife. The species of animals that dwell in the park includes the wild dogs, hog deer, jungle cats, Indian civets, hyenas, leopards, nilgais, sambars, chitals, peafowl, python, leopard, wolf, sloth bear, black buck, Tiger, and other species of deer. Among all of them only two different species that migrate from the Royal Chitwan Park to Valmiki nagar are the Indian bison and one horned rhinoceros. The Valmiki National Park appeals a good amount of voyagers who desire to spot the tiger altogether for its glory.

Best season to visit :

In case, if you are planning to take a trip to the Valmiki National Park make sure to visit it between the month of October to June, when a huge number of tourists come here.

Accommodation :

You dodnr need to worry about accommodation here because there are various facilities offered. The state government had provided several accommodations for travelers who hail for all across the globe to witness the Valkmiki National Park. There are numerous rest houses available from the Irrigation Department which is well equipped with all required needs in affordable price. Visitors will definitely experience their comfortable and relaxing stay here. If you want a private stay, there are a number of hotels and lodges close from the national park.

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