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Jharkhand Places to see HAZARIBAGH

Quick Bytes :

Location : Jharkhand

Languages : Hindi, Bihari, English

Altitude : 615 meters

Climate : Tropical

Temperature : In summer, 19-41 degree Celsius; in winters, 7-25 degree Celsius

Major Attractions : National Park, Rajrappa, Surajkund

Best Visiting Time : Months between October and March

Hazaribagh is a serene city of Jharkhand; commonly called "city of thousand gardens'', the city is traversed by Konar River. Famous as the second largest reservoir of coal, the city is known for its thermal power projects and steel plants.

Attractions :

National Park : Resting lazily among the lower hilly ranges, this National Park is the main source of attraction to the visitors. The park was constructed for the purpose of preserving wildlife. As you follow the road linking the city to Barhi, you will reach this Park, lying at about ten miles from Hazaribagh. Sprawled to an area of 150 sq miles; Hunting is strictly prohibited here. For the sake of tourists, several watch towers have been erected and let you have the panoramic view of the surroundings. Saltlicks have also been constructed for wild animals. The park lets you watch a wide variety of animals like kakar, wild boar, cheetal, sambhar, and nilgai. The area is also inhabited by tigers; the population of these majestic species is so less that they can be counted on fingers and you have to lucky to view them.

The trop to this National Park starts at 1700 hrs and ends at 2200 hrs. Prior reservation has to be made. A modest fee of Rs. 50 is charged from the tourists with additional costs for vehicle entry. It is illegal to carry firearms inside the jungle premises.

Rajrappa : It is an important pilgrimage place of Hazaribagh. At the sacred congregation of Bhera and Damodar rivers, a temple dedicated to the goddess Chhinnmastaka is present and besides the idol of this deity, houses images of Ashtdhari, Maa Kali, and Lord Hanuman. The holy place is frequented by devotees in large numbers. On the occasion of Makar Sakranti, a grand fair is organized and a number of ritual are carried at this time.

Narsigsthan Temple : Situated six kilometers from the city, this temple resides within a village named Khapriama. Lord Vishnu is placed within the premises. The sanctum sanctorum also houses a Shiva lingam. A number of temples dedicated to Surya Dev, Kali, and Dashawatar adorn the vicinity. On Kartik Purnima, a grand fair is organized and is attended by thousands of devotees.

Surajkund : This sacred kund is located at about 60 kilometers from Hazaribagh. This pilgrimage destination is known for hot water wit temperature as high as 180 degree Fahrenheit. The sulphur containing water is supposed to have curative properties. There are, in total, 5 kunds that are present here. These are named Ram Kund, Surya Kund, Sita Kund, Lakshmana Kund, and Brahm Kund. A temple of Durga is located nearby.

Bhadrakali Temple : This temple of antiquity is as old as 400 years. Resting in Itkhori of Chatra district, the temple hoses an idol of Bhadrakali. Located picturesquely within hills and lush greenery, this temple is ideally located at the congregation of rivers Vaksha and Mahane. The followers of religions like Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. A number of festivities are celebrated within the temple premises and are attended by a large crowd of devotees.

Barso Pani : Obscured within dense jungles, the unique destination of Barso Pani is located in Jhikjhor Basti, 50 kilometers away from district headquarters. The place is built as a cave. A distinctive feature of the place is that water falls down continuously from the roof. Despite of being watered all the time, only the ceiling remains drenched while the side walls seem to completely dry. This unique place catches the fancy of the tourists. You can also pursue for about a kilometer from this place.

Canary Hills : This attraction of Hazaribagh has a well-maintained park along with a few lakes. Watching the city from hill-top gives panoramic views.

Among the other attractions that you may be pleased to visit are Konar Dam, Panchmandir, Narsingh Temple, Barso Pani, and Budhwa Mahadev.

Accommodation :

Laced with quality service and hospitability, the hotels at Hazaribagh offer decent services. Standard Hotel, Pagoda Hotel, Prince Hotel, DVC circuit House &Inspection Bungalow, Jain Dharashala, Upkaar Hotel, Prince Hotel are a few names in this regard.

The city's serenity and an array of tourists' attractions make your vacation a pleasurable one.

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