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Jharkhand Places to see KODERMA

Quick Bytes :

Location : Jharkhand

Languages : Hindi, Bihari, English

Area : 1500 square kilometers(district)

Altitude : 375 meters

Climate : Dry Tropical

Temperature : Fluctuates between 4 and 46 degree Celsius

Major Attractions : Natural Beauty, Natural Resources

Best Visiting Time :
November to April

Nestled within Chhotanagpur Plateau, Koderma district lies at an average elevation of 397 meters from sea level. The city that goes by the same name is known for its rugged topography which is formed by hilly ranges, hillocks, and mounds. The northern portion is occupied by a Reserve Forest. Blessed with vast resources of mineral deposits and other natural resources, the city is often referred to as 'mica capital'. This, along with the beautiful imageries, makes the place a picture-perfect location. The economy of the district largely depends upon these industries and plays a significant role in generating state revenues.

Attractions :

Nature : The physiography of the place along with plethora of wild life make Koderma a nice getaway. To the periphery of the plateau, a hillock is present and is cut through by several streams of water. There are also many gullies as well as rills that are part of the topography. Sakri River that traverses from southeastern to northwestern direction is an added attraction. Among the flora that occupies it, bamboo, neem, banyan, Mahua, and papal are prominent.

Natural Resources : There is a vast resource of natural resources that are found at Koderma. Endowed with the large deposits of mica, the city has seen tremendous growth. A number of business tycoons have established mica industries. The city is the hub of many industrial as well as commercial units that contribute immensely to revenue-generation.

Tilayia Dam : The dam is the main attraction of the city. Here, a man-made reservoir has been constructed and offers nice options for picnicking. The natural beauty of the place along with boating opportunities makes it a fine place to relax. At Dwajadhri Hill, you will be able to have the glimpse of a Shiva lingam, world's tallest one. Har Har Dham is name assigned to the lingam.

Satawagan Waterfall : A picturesque location that rests amidst dense forests is Satawagan Waterfall. The presence of hills in its vicinity makes it quiet difficult to reach the waterfall. Another attraction that you may find interesting to look at are the rock paintings.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the tourism industry. This is attributed to the presence of abundant flora, fauna, and natural vegetation. Quiet a few adventure sports can also be pursued by you.

Accommodation :

Koderma has a few budget hotels that you can look forward to.

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