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Jharkhand Places to see RANCHI

Quick Bytes :

Location : Jharkhand

Languages : Oraon, Nagpuria, English, Bengali

Altitude : 2140 feet from sea level

Area : 35 square kilometers

Climate : Tropical

Temperature : In summers, it ranges between 16 and 36 degree Celsius; in winters it fluctuates between 1 and 28 degree Celsius

Major Attractions : Ranchi Hill, Kanke Dam

Best Visiting Time : Months between September and May

Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, is a place of scenic beauty. It got its name from the word 'Archi' which stands for a bamboo forest. Resting in Chhotanagpur Plateau, the city is known for its enchanting greenery, sparkling waterfalls, reddish soil, and lovely valleys.

Attractions :

There are too many places of interest that you can roam about in Ranchi. Let's peep into some of these:

Sun Temple : Located 39 kilometers from the destination, this temple is present in Bhundu. A temple named Bhundu is also present here and is accessible via all weather roads. The temple is surrounded by placid sceneries. A lovely dharamshala and a pond are other attractions of the place.

Ranchi Hill : The special scenic attraction that allures the visitors here is Ranchi Hill. The site offers you a number of opportunities to enjoy tranquility of the nature here. From atop a hill, you can have the panoramic view of the surroundings. A Lord Shiva temple adores the hill top.

Kanke Dam : This picturesque place is a nice place for spending a day with family and friends. Lush greenery here is the center of attraction for the onlookers.

Jagannath Temple : Located within the vicinity of Kankedam, the temple is present at about 10 kilometers from Ranchi. A grand Jagannatha Festival is organized here on an annual basis. This sacred ceremony is celebrated in June/July.

Tagore Hill : Within the precincts of the city, Tagore Hill is quiet attractive and is more massive than Ranchi Hill. The hill is named after Rabindranath Tagore who wrote a part of his creation 'Geetanjali' here.

Hatia Dam : Yet another scenic attraction that you can chose to visit is Hatia Dam. It is located 12 kilometers from the destination.

Accommodation :

There are many hotels within the city that are built in Indian as well as in English styles. A Guest House run by government and Birsa Vihar (Tourist Bungalow) are the nice options. You are at the liberty to choose from luxury, budget or moderate rooms. Dormitories are also available to the tourists. The tourist Bungalows are present at a distance of about 6 kilometers from Ranchi Airport and about a kilometer from the Railway Station. Here, you are treated with facilities like spacious restaurants, car parking facilities. In order to have the more information, you can contact Tourist Information Center.

Nearby Attractions :

Johna Falls : As you follow the road connecting the city to Purulia, you will encounter Johna Falls. Also commonly called as Gautam Dhara, this lovely place of tourism is a nice retreat to nature lovers. A plethora of flora as well as fauna is also present on the banks of Kanchi River. The tranquil sceneries make it an ideal place to enjoy the glories of nature. In order to access the falls, you have to cover a flight of 500 steps.

Sita Falls :
Lying within vicinity of Johna Falls, another romantic place that thrills your vision is Sita Falls. It is best if you arrive here early in the morning. Dassam Falls which is situated on 34 kilometers is yet another picturesque place; here water falls from a height of about 114 feet and presents an enchanting place.

Breeding Center : It is located in Ormanjhi which is inhabited by crocodiles brought from Chennai and Bihar. There are about 50 crocodiles that are known to inhabit the waters. A biological park is situated near where you can have the glimpse of some special forms of wild life.

Mc Calukieganj : Excursion to this place takes to a leisure hamlet which is nestled amidst greenery of the dense forests. After independence, the place was inhabited by a number of Anglo-Indian communities who set up their cottages all over.

Hundru Falls : As you follow the road connecting Ranchi to Purulia, you will reach a lovable spot called Hundru Falls. Here the waters of River Subarnarekha falls from a height of about 320 feet . The sight presented by the waterfalls is so majestic that you will not be willing to leave the place. Visit the site during monsoon season when the flow of water is just voluminous. You can also spend fantastic time picnicking at the base of the water falls. There are many spots that are meant for bathing.

Hirni Falls :
Yet another enchanting fall that can be the part of your visit is Hirni Falls. It is located at a distance of about 75 kilometers from Ranchi.

Clothing :

It is advisable to carry with you light cotton cloths in summer season and heavy woolens in winter season.

Ranchi is known for its salubrious climate, thrilling sceneries and majestic waterfalls. It is among the most sought after destinations that are present within Jharkhand.

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