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Jharkhand Places to see BAHA FESTIVAL

Baha is celebrated all around the world and is also well known as the festival of Rivdan. This is an anniversary of Baha’u’lllah’s declaration in the year 1863 that he was considered to be the new messenger of God.

Rivdan is from the 21st of April to the 2nd May of every year that is counted on the 12 days of Baha’u’lllah’s, who was the prophet founder of the Bahai’s faith which is present on the bank of river Tigris which is located near the Baghdad. Many others are the followers of this small group and help him to achieve his mission.

It is on the first day of the Rivdan, that every year, Baha’s is considered by thousands of local people and also the people coming from all around the world. There is a certain system for the local governing councils. Also during the festival, there are national conventions that take place of around 180 countries and the territories, and during this this they vote for the national governing bodies that are in Baha’i faith.

Baha’u’lllah’s also calls Rivdan as the King of Festivals and also the Festival of God. In 1863, He used to stay in Baghdad, and was exiled from his native place Iran for more than a year, when all the authorities present there had ordered him to move to his place, Istanbul. But before leaving the place, he decided to spent 12 days in the River Tigris in a garden well known as Rivdan which is also known as the Arabic Paradise. At this point, the preparations were made to leave the place and farewells were given to the people of Iraq.

It is during the period of Baha’u’lllah’s that he had announced to his companions that he had promised one of his god that is declared in one of the religion of the God. Today, along with the election of the national and the local government bodies, the followers of the great Baha’u’lllah’s celebrates the Rivdan with great devotion, music, passion and the presentation or many other types of meeting depending upon country to country.

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