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Jharkhand Places to see SARHUL FESTIVAL

Sarhul is celebrated during the spring and the shaal trees get new leaves. It is believed and the people of Jharkhand have faith in the deity of the village who is considered to be the shield for the tribes. People, during this occasion dance and sing and there is a lot of fun. The deities of this region are offered the shaal flowers. The shaal flowers are the symbol for the friendship and the brotherhood among the Pahan the priest and the villagers, distributes this beautiful shaal flower in the entire village by going to all the homes. He is treated and welcome in every house. The Prasad is prepared with the help of rice and wine and is popularly known as Handia. The respective idols are worshipped with these floras. These flowers are well known for the symbol of brotherhood and are then disseminated in every house of the villages.

The Prasad or the sanctified or the consecrated food is placed on this occasion which is well known as Hadia or Diang, a highly admired local brew whose basic component is stale rice. Traditional tribes dance on the music and there is a grand feasting with the happy and gay abandon that becomes the highlights of the festival.

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