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Jharkhand Places to see JHARKHAND INFORMATION

Jharkhand is best known for its profuse cultural feats. Damodar, Barakar, Mayurakshi, Koyal, Sankh flow across this region. This beautiful region is bounded with the amazing flora and fauna. It is popularly known as Vananchal and it quite popular for the forest resources and its minerals. Jharkhand is one of the newly formed states which has been separated from the state of Bihar. Thus it has many variant cultures as there are many people that had migrated from the various regions like Bihar and West Bengal, preserving their own culture and maintaining the tradition and the culture through out all these days. Jharkhand witnesses many of the various cultural distinctions that changes with each tribal community found here. The art forms like the dance, music, festivals and the other features of the cultural elements cuisine and the trendy lifestyle of Jharkhandis can be seen here.


Festivals :


The Jharkhand culture stands on the edge as it has a very rich, cultural and beautiful festival. There are many festivals like Sarhul, Karma, Sohari, Badna, Id, X - mas, Dusshera and X - mas are celebrated grandly with so much of fun and entertainment.


Sarhul is celebrated in the period of spring and the tribal of the village gods prays for their protection and well being. Flower Sahrul is offered with the praying that has the significance of the brotherhood and the friendship. The priest of the tribal distributes these flowers to the every house hold.


Badna is the popular festival that is held during the period of Kartik Amavshya. Animals are being worshipped and are acknowledge for their contribution to the living world and also to mollify the destructive quality that lies in the society. The song that is sung by the villagers during this festival is popularly known as Ohira.


Tusu is observed as the most common festival that is celebrated all over Jharkhand during the period of Harvest in the winter season. Generally it is celebrated during the last day of the Poush month. There are many rituals and customs to be followed during these festivals and are well maintained by the people residing here in Jharkhand.


There is another festival known as Hal Punhya which is celebrated on the very first day of the Magh month when the farmers are about to begin ploughing. The day has its significance as it portrays the good luck to the farmers and fate rohini is another folk festival for the farmers. This festival symbolizes the growth and the rising of seeds sown in the ground. There is no dancing and singing performed in this occasion. It is silently performed. Another festival popularly carried by the Bhagta tribes and is known as the festive of the devotees.


Folk dance and music contributes the most important part of Jharkhand Culture. The simple tribal population here performs various forms of the arts that depict the culture and tradition and living pattern of the society. The problems and the actual position of the society can be seen here in the form of plays that are carried out by these people. The difficulties of the people here are expressed along with the local music and in their Desi style. Jhumar performed by the people has been derived from the word Jhum. That means to sway around and be in the happy mood. Enjoy life to the fullest and let all your tension wipe out. There are different types of Jhumar performed in Jharkhand. It is performed long with the different types of music like Mardana Jhumar, Jhumar, Udasi, Fugwa, Daidhara, Adhratiya, Pratkali, Vinsairya, Jhumta etc.These songs are usually sung along with musical instruments like Bansuri, Singa Sahnai and Arbansi. Ghasi Mahant, Rungtu Ghasi Mahnat is very popular musicians that had their birth on this land.


Folk dance has a main contribution in the culture of Jharkhand. Paika, Jadur, Chaw, Nachni , Karma, Agni, Natua, Santhal, Choukara, Jamda, Ghatwari, Soharai, Matha, Lurisayro etc. Paika is in the form of martial dance form which is the most popular amongst the paikas Jharkhand region. They perform the dance form in the “pakh akh-adas” of their villages, fun, joy and amusement in the integral part tribal of Jharkhand as in the dancing way.


Cuisine :


The culture of the Jharkhand is incomplete with the knowing and tasting the cuisine of the Jharkhand. Due to the presence of Buddhism in this region and religious practices of the same makes the people to prefer the vegetarian food. Staple foods of the people residing here consist of the wheat and rice. Mustard oil is mostly preferred as the oil for cooking the food. The region is fulfilled with all types of vegetables which are cooked in the various forms and in their way by the people of Jharkhand. The regular meal of the people staying here consists of the rice, dal, phukla or the roti, tarkari or the sabzi and the pickles well known as achar. Each season in Jharkhand has the various and glorious days ahead with luscious fruits grown in this region and the vegetables and it is in the people of Jharkhand that they celebrate and welcome each season grandly.


Lifestyle :


Jharkhand has in all 32 archaic tribes. Santhal, Asur, Munda, Banjara, Korwa are few amongst the Jharkhandis. English and the national language Hindi are the chief languages that are used in this state. However, Bengalis and Urdu and even the other tribal languages like Mundari, Kurukh, Santhali are spoken widely. The people in the Jharkhand also have the religion like Jainism, Christianity and Hinduism. Along with this the people here also has the unique way of dedication to God which is known as saran Parasnath, Baidhyanath of Deodhar are few of the prime consecrated in Jharkhand. Naturally there are many pilgrims visiting these religious places.


Folk spirits talks about the unique features of the Jharkhand’s culture. There is nothing more to define than the beautiful arts and crafts in the state of Jharkhand. Woodcrafts of Jharkhand are very popular. Bamboo crafts, paithkar paintings are the other major arts. The culture of the Jharkhand depicts the tribal form of Indian society.


Geography :


Jharkhand is situated in the eastern region of India sharing its border with Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. Tropic of Cancer passes through the Kanke region which is situated few kilometers away from the Ranchi, the state capital. This state is the only state lies in India that has the touched with Tropic of Cancer. The Jharkhand region is covered mostly by the Chottanagpur plateau that expands to few parts of Orissa, Chattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. Jharkhand is made up of very ancient stones known as Arkiyan Granite Tatanis.


Jharkhand had its presence even before the Magadha emperor enrolling in its cultural entity and geo political sites. Raja Jai Singh Deo who belonged to Orissa was accepted by the ruler of Jharkhand by the people of 13th century. The local tribal communities had selected their own dictator who was not able to govern the state fairly. This made more powerful rulers to come and attack the state of Jharkhand that has consequently resulted in the neighboring rulers to capture the state of Jharkhand with the proper governance and justice. This is the turning of the Jharkhand’s history where the armies from Jharkhand moved to benefit the people and make the major participation from the local crowd to end barbarism.


There was the demand for the separation of Jharkhand in the early 1990 when the Indian hockey Captain; Jaipal Singh had suggested an idea to separate the state consisting of southern region of Bihar. The idea was not the part of reality until 2nd August, 2000 when the parliament of India had approved the bill of Bihar reorganization to create the new state of Jharkhand on the 15th November 2000. Thus, there emerged a new state known as Jharkhand.

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