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Manipur Places to see BISHNUPUR

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Sikkim, Manipur

Languages : Manipuri

Climate : Humid

Temperature : As high as 34 degree Celsius and as low as 2 degree Celsius.

Altitude : 828 meters

Area : 530 square kilometers

Major Attractions : Vishnu Temple, Loktak Lake

Best Visiting Time :
Months between October and February

Bishnupur, a place of dancing deers and beautiful locales, is bestowed with several tourist destinations. Known for its ancient Vishnu Temple, the city rests at the base of a hill. Originally called Lumalangdong, it was the capital of Bishnupuriyas who resided in Manipur.

Down the Lane :

Bishnupur was ruled upon by a ruler named Kyamba who after conquering Shan kingdom ascended the throne, the kingdom was on good terms with Pong rulers; the forging policy laid down by Kyamba was good enough to maintain healthy relations with neighboring states. After he was successful in gaining control over Kyang with the help of Chaopha, a Pong king, he celebrated his victory with him. Chopha gifted him an image of Lord Vishnu which was installed at the kingdom of Lumlangdong; this resulted in the kingdom being renamed Bishnupur. The place became highly revered and several Brahmins immigrated here. Soon, Vishnu worship started here. A Vishnu temple was constructed and soon became one of the most sacred places of the kingdom.

Legend :

A legend related to king Bheigyachandra is quiet popular here. It is said that Lord Krishna appeared in his dream and ordered him to search his image. King followed the orders and an idol of Govindagee was founded under a jackfruit tree.

Attractions :

Temples :

There are a number of temples that make the land of Bishnupur a holy one. Most of the temples are made up of red terracotta. These temples of 17th century are exquisitely carved and embellished excessively. The architecture is unique is characterized by the presence of domed roofs. On the walls of these, several scenes from Ramayana and life of Lord Krishna have been painted. The structures impress beholders by their decorative pillars and gates. Shyama Raya temple is one of these shrines and is quiet popular among the devotees. Other temples worth mentioning are dedicated to Madan Mohan, Keshto Raya, Rasa Mancha, and Sridhar.

Vishnu Temple :

This temple with conical roof is a dedication to Lord Vishnu. Constructed in 1467, the temple stands over a platform of about 2 inches. The two storey structure divides the shrine into lower and upper part. The cornice is made up of several layers of bricks; there is a perfect alignment between the lower and upper portions. There are three windows that adorn Garbha Griha.

Keibul Lamjao National Park :

This park is located at 53 kilometers from Imphal and is backed by Loktak Lake. The premises give shelter to Sangai, a dancing deer. Among the other wildlife animals that form part of the park, hog deer, water fowls, and otter are quite popular. It is best if you visit it in the months between November and March. Watch towers have been constructed by the forest authorities. If you are planning to make a stay, there are two rest houses within the premises that can be booked. The park is the tourist highlight of Bishnupur. A major portion of the topography of the park consists of floating marshes, commonly called phumdi. It is the reason that almost 80% of the vegetation grows submerged in water. A few decades earlier the plant that grew predominantly here included tou, khoimom, and singut. But over a period of time, there has been the drastic change in relative proportions of these.

Sangai deer is the center of attraction to the tourist. Its flexible gait and flexible walk looks as if it is dancing upon marshy land. Other species o deer that you are able to see here are hog deer, muntjac, and sambhar. Different varieties of macaques can be seen wandering over western hills. In addition, you can also expect to see mammals like wild boar, Indian civet, wild cats, black bear etc. Among the avifauna that this National park houses includes many exotic and rare species. Waterfowl are the winter migrants. You can have the glimpse of some more bird varieties like hooded crane, black eagle, green peafowl, and hornbill.

Loktak Lake :

This vast source of freshwater is located in Sikkim. Sprawled over 312 square kilometers, the lake's water is known to change colors ranging from shimmering blue to golden, peach, and pinkish grey depending upon the time of the day. There are several islands that float atop lake water and are inhabited by people. As floating weed has covered a major part of the lake, some fishermen have set up their huts over it. A Tourist Bungalow is present over Sendra Island and is famous for bird-watching. You can relax here or sip one of your favorite hot drunks at cafeteria attached to the bungalow. Enjoy boating and other water sports that have been introduced here recently.

Lokpaching :

This holy hillock was the battle spot that saw a fierce battle between British and Japanese troops during Second World War. It was due to the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers that this place is called Red Hill.

Phubala :

Fringing the western portion of Loktak, Phubala is a fascinating resort and is connected to mainland via a causeway. Situated at about 40 kilometers from Imphal, this beautiful resort is the tourist hotspot. Several types of life forms are known to exist here. Engage yourself in entertaining activities like boating.

Moirang :

A showcase of ethnic culture of Meitei, Moirang is known for its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Thangjing. It is fun to watch these folk people dance and sing merrily on the occasion of a dance festival. If you happen to visit Bishnupur in the month of May, you will be able to have a glimpse of the festivities. The historical significance of Moirang is no less fascinating. It was where Indian flag was first unfurled in 1944. A museum showcasing the memorabilia related to Indian Army has been placed within the premises.

Ecological Park :

Another attraction that will catch your attention while visiting Bishnupur is Ecological Park. The park is divided in many parts like Hawa Ghar, Rock Garden, Japanese Pond, and Main Gate. To attract tourists in large numbers the Ecological Department initiated pedal boating over Loukoipat Lake which is situated within Park.

Accommodation :

Among the budget hotels that you offer decent services include Udayan Lodge (at College Road), Bishnupur Hotel, Monalisa Lodge, Meghmallar Hotel, and Hollywood Hotel &Resorts.

A Bishnupur is a must-watch for nature enthusiasts; your vacation to this picturesque land lets you enjoy its paradisiacal beauty to maximum.

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