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Manipur Places to see SENAPATI

Quick Bytes :

Location : Manipur

Languages : Manipuri

Altitude : 250 meters

Climate : Sub Tropical

Temperature : In summers, it reaches a high as 34 degree Celsius; in winters, it drop to about 3 degree Celsius.

Major Attractions : Mao, Makhel

Best Visiting Time :
Winter Season

Senapati district of Manipur lays in its northern part and is flanked by the districts of Ukhrul, Tamenglong, and Phek. Resting at an altitude of about 1788 meters from sea level, the place is characterized by a multitude of parallel hills running from north to south. The district came into being in thee year 1969. Visitors get myriad opportunity to have a glimpse of the hilly landscapes, pristine rivers, and rugged mountains. Resting under the shade of deep forests that cover 80 % of its total area, the city is an endowment to the visitors. This, in addition to plethora of flora and fauna, makes it a one of the picturesque locations of North East.

The district occupies an area of about 3270 square kilometers; thriving on its agrarian economy, the city is known for its terrace cultivation. The soil is quiet fertile and get watered by numerous streams. The natural splendor with which it is blessed allures the visitors. The tourists are attracted from all over world; they arrive here to behold breathtaking sceneries and rejuvenate themselves. The salubrious climate adds to the charm.

Ethnic Communities :

Different communities inhabit Senapati city; a few of these are Mao, Tangkhul, Maram, Kuki, Zemai, Vaiphei, Chiru, Chothe, and Meetei.

Attractions In and Around :

Let's have a peep into some of the most fascinating attractions that entice the visitors:

Mao :

Considered as one of appealing attraction of Senapati, Mao is a nice hill station that lies enroute from Dimpaur to Imphal. Resting at an elevation of 5762 feet from sea level, the place is known for its antiquity. The most fascinating structure that is present at Mao is a 100 years old Inspection Bungalow; it was constructed in 1897 and today it stands majestically. The attraction is also popular for its Naga dance that is performed by the ethnic tribal and illustrates rich culture of Manipur.

Makhel :

This historical place is associated with the origin of Naga and Meitei tribes. An old pear tree is a testimonial to the famous Naga breakup. The nearby Dzukou Valley is embellished with natural beauty. If you happen to arrive here in summer season, you will be overwhelmed by its breathtaking sceneries. Don't forget to set your eyes on Mt. Isu which is the highest one in the entire region. You can also pay visit to its Potato Farm. A place of religious importance to many communities, Makhel is famous for farewell monolith, trio monolith are the other attractions. There are several banyan trees that are deemed sacred by the local inhabitants adds to the rustic charm; this tree is believed to have been originated from Naga queen's womb. A number of stones are also scattered all over: hailstorm stone, lucky stone are considered pious.

Liyai :

Resting at 33 kilometers from Tadubi, Liyai houses a number of historical monuments and stone monoliths.

Purul :

You can pay a visit to Purul, a destination lying near Senapati. Here, you can behold the sight of some indigenous games like Wrestling and Toutou. While Toutou is played of the eve of New Year, Wrestling is organized to welcome the transplantation of paddy plants.

Maram Khullen :

A rustic place that carries with itself the aura of antiquity, Maram Khullen is one of the largest villages that are present in Senapati district. The place allures anthropologists and research scientists.

Tangkhullen :

Yet another village that is the prime tourist spot here is Yangkhullen. Here, you can have the opportunity to watch some of the best natural sceneries you had ever seen. The villagers thrive on rural economy and prefer to live in traditional style.

Accommodation :

Senapati has numerous excellent accommodations that cater to both domestic as well as international tourists.

A travel to city lets you explore into its vibrant culture and colorful tribal life.

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