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Manipur is the most prominent state in India which encloses a wide range of tourist attractions. It includes national park and wildlife sanctuaries, pilgrimage sites, forts and palaces, and various other spots. But among all of them, the forts and palaces in the Manipur state are worth to witness. The Kangla Palace is one of the renowned sites which are known as the Manipur Fort. This site is the most important attraction located in the capital city of Manipur which is valued in this region. It is one of the exquisite palaces which are famous for its archeological and historical site. The Kangla Palace is also identified as the old palace of Manipur. According to the archeologist, the fortress of this state was well designed and structured to make it the most iconic ancient site not only in Manipur but also in India.

This palace was constructed by the King Khagemba in 1611 A.D who was the leader of the Kangla city. Many years passed to build this historical and archeological site due to the invasion between the Burmese and Manipur. This battle was on for seven years due to which the construction took a halt. According to the records of the archeologist and the legendary tale, the structure of the Kangla Palace was majority of the time into desert. Later the son of Khagemba, Khunjaoba took some initiative to improve the beautification and enrichment in work to make the palace the icon fort of Manipur state. Within this palace, you can see a big moat where the dig was filled with water. As per the record, the son of the king got married to the princesses of Manipuri by leaving all his disputes.

So the project of constructing was passed on to King Garibaniwaz who enlarged and improved a lot of work in this palace. Visitors hail here from all corners of the world including local and international to witness this alluring site. The main highlight of the palace is the big brick walls which are constructed by the well burnt bricks that give a magnificent look to the Manipur fort. It is an alluring place which reflects various legendary stories of Manipur state that are mentioned in the history of India. If you are planning to tour Manipur in your next weekend make sure you visit the Kangal city, where you can get to explore various attractions including Kangla Palace.

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