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Manipur Places to see KANGLA PALACE

At a glimpse :

Location : Kangla city, Manipur, India.

Established in : Earlier period of 1611 A.D.

Constructed by : King Khagemba.

Facts :

The Kangla Palace is one of the oldest palaces which are nestled at the city of Kangla in the state of Manipur, India. The palace of kangla was located on both the western side and eastern side of the reservoir of the Imphal River. But, at present the beautiful palace is remained only on the western side of the river bank. It is now one of the famous ruins which attract a number of tourists. The meaning of the word Kangla is defined as the "dry land" which lies in the old Meitei. This enchanting palace was a traditional place for the Meitei rulers during the earlier times of Manipur. According to legendary tales, the British government referred the Kangla Palace as the most renowned tourist attraction which is simply known as the ‘Manipur Fort.’ The Kangla Palace is the most vital archeological and historical site which is preserved in the state of Manipur even today. The land or soil of this state was set up to develop the Kangla city. When this capital city of Manipur was found, it was comprised with historical, religious, and other centers that are preserved here.

It is from this capital that the "Ningthouja" clan gradually wielded enough political and military power and grew-up to be the most dominant clan in Manipur. The royal chronicle gives many references to the construction of 'Kangla' by successive reigning kings in Manipur. It is the main attraction of Manipur which was build by the king Khagemba during the earlier times of 1611 A.D. The Kangla Fort was constructed in conquere of Chinese. According to the records the King Khagemba build a massive brick wall in the year 1632 A.D. at the western gate of the fort. The main intention of making the brick wall was to keep the Chinese prisoners inside which were arrested during the Chinese invasion of the eastern boundary of Manipur state. Khunjaoba was the son of the King Khagemba who took initiatives for improving more on the beautification and fortification work of the Kangla Palace.

According to the records of the archeologist, it is said that the king of this capital city has dug up a moat also which is known as Thangapat which is found on the western part of the Manipur Fort. Under the rule of the King Khunjaoba, the prestige and power of the Manipur state was at peak and was well famous. Later the king was approached by the Burmese chiefs and other kings to marry the Manipuri princesses by leaving all his disputes. So the challenge to build the Kangla Palace of Manipur was handed over to the King Garibaniwaz who succeeded in improving and enlarging the fort. Even after him, the making of Kangla fort was passed on to other kings and chiefs. Later on the sovereignty of Maharaja Bhagyachandra, the Kangla palace remained deserted for a longer period of time due to the invasion between the Manipur and Burmese. The Maharaja Gambhir Singh assists to the Manipur Levy, who set the rulers of Manipur free from the hands of Burmese by defeating their forces which took around seven years.

The Kangla Palace is fenced with huge boundary walls which the British destroyed later. According to the records of the making of the massive structure, it is stated that the well burnt red bricks were only used for big wall (Citadel) which measured a height of twenty feet. The Citadel contains three main entrance, among that the two are positioned to Southern and western side of the Manipur fort. It is a worth watching site and one of the popular and enduring places which is maintained from the previous times till today. The capital city of Manipur also offers other famous attraction for tourist including the sacred temples, historical and archeological sites, assembly hall, and many more. Tourists from across the globe come to witness this wonderful Kangla Palace in the state of Manipur. People who are keen to archeology and history for them it is the perfect place to explore where it reflects various legendary stories that are mentioned in the Indian history which you can learn.

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