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Fast Facts :

Location : North East India, Manipur

Known for : Architecture, wetland, forests and natural reserves

Manipur, the land where the Gods took to dancing has a diverse and pompous record from the initial period. Manipur was conquered by the British after the (1st Anglo Manipuri war of 1891).This war saw many who had sacrificed their lives for the land.

After the Independence of India (15th August, 1947) a democratic form of govt was founded where maharaja of the state was given the title of Executive Head.

The geographical implication of this state include assortment of rich varieties of fauna and flora, scenic beauty, agricultural fields, and treasure of minerals. Manipur is called as 1 of the 7 sisters of the North east India. The state is located amid 93.03º and 94.78 º East longitudes and 23.83º and 25.68º North latitude. This state mainly comprises of valleys, hill ranges and plateaus. A treasure of many species of fauna and flora, Manipur is one of the God’s favorite lands.

Manipur is the dwelling place to many swamps and lakes, which augments the splendor of this land. (Loktak Lake) is one of the popular fresh water lakes. Manipur is one of the rare wetland in this world. Some of the main rivers of this state include Imphal River, Iril River, and Barak River. The valleys and hills of this state are a component of the (Himalayan Mountains).

The culture of this state is as usual quite colorful like the features of this state, which includes rich history, wonderful architecture, enchanting music, colorful festivals, vibrant customs, delicious cuisines and numerous dance forms. Fun loving frame of mind of the community of this state is dazzles in their varied fairs and festivals. The people of Manipur are famous for their typical type of attire, which they possess. The artisans of this state are outstanding in interlacing magnificent garments and handicrafts. The architectural style of Manipur bears a healthy resemblance to the Bengal style of Architecture.

Manipuri culture and tradition bears one of the pure and mystic cultures, which is far away from the urbanized city culture.

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