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Hemmed in by hills all around the state represents a mosaic through its traditions and its cultural patterns. The state is characterized by its rich wealth of art and dance. There isn’t a single Manipuri girl who doesn’t know singing and dancing. The Manipuri dance has been acclaimed in many books, magazines and laureates find the style of Manipuri dance a pure representation of the state’s tranquil nature. The rhythm and lyrical beauty of the songs and music associated with the dance are appreciated in all parts of India. The folk dances of Manipur like Lal Haraoba , Pung Cholom, Raslila, Khamba Thaibi, Maibi dance and the Nupa dance are visually stunning and dancers often go for international concerts. Manipuri dance, which is of a devotional nature, is not the only dance of this tiny state. The dances of tribal people captivate the hearts of spectators through its rhythm and exotic costumes.

The handloom clothes of Manipur are another aspect of the state’s culture. The artistic people of Manipur have developed handloom clothes and handicrafts that are famed internationally. The creativeness noted in the Manipuri gowns, shawls, saris, curtains etc. serve as treasured souvenirs for tourists.

The tribal communities of Manipur are primarily of Tibetan and Burmese origin. There as many as 29 tribal communities in Manipur and all of them have their unique pattern of leading life. Four tribes are commonly noted in Manipur inhabiting different parts of the state. Meities and Pangals tribes dwell at the low level valleys of Manipur while the hilly regions of the state are populated by Naga and Kuki tribes. There are other Manipuri tribes also exist like Aimal, Angami, Anal, Chiru, Gangte, Chote, Hmar, Kachanaga, Kabui, Kairao, Koirang, Lamgang, Kom, etc.

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