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Manipur Places to see KAINA

Fast Facts :

Location : Kaina, Manipur, India

Known For : Picturesque locales and an ancient temple

Kaina, a charming visitor’s site of (Manipur) that can be reached by crossing an expanse of (29 km) from the place Imphal. The holy place of (Sri Govindajee) is the major attraction of (Kaina) in the state of Manipur. Distantly from its spiritual significance, Kaina is also renowned to be an ascetically stunning place that is affluent with magnificence of natural environment.

A small hill bounded by tranquil and awesome atmosphere, Kaina is situated (921 m) over the surface of the sea. The place of worship of Kaina’s (Sri Govindajee) is thronged by many devotees and tourists. The story of this admired temple of (Kaina) tells an interesting tale. It is said that (Sri Govindajee) once inculcated Manipuri’s Maharaja in his hallucination to build a place of worship in (Kaina). The exclusive attribute of this heavenly order was that shrine had to be constructed out of (jackfruit tree) placed in Kaina.

Therefore Sri Govindajee Temple was constructed. One of the main spiritual festival that is feted in the place of worship is Ras Festival. The local worshippers of Kaina carry out a particular dance at the time of the fiesta within the temple in which dream series of (Sri Govindajee) is executed with stunning terminology.

Visitor who desire to come here to discover its natural allure are certain to get unforgettable indulgence for their eyes. This is because Kaina is overflowing with picturesque liveliness, which is an intrinsic attribute of the mountains in Manipur. Frequent service of the bus is easily available for this place from Manipur.

As one of the numerous visitor’s attractions in the state of Manipur, (Kaina) leaves people dumb strucked by the unbelievable appeals that are additionally improved by the pastoral features extended all across the site.

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