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Manipur Places to see MANIPUR WILDLIFE

Manipur is the famous state of India which is consecrated with rich species of flora and fauna. This popular tourist destination is enclosed with a wide range of national park and wildlife sanctuary. The state is nestled in the northern eastern part of the country which is renowned for its lush green forest and vegetations. There are several attractions that are worth visiting while on tour to Manipur. This place is bestowed with rich vegetations, animal resources, and deep forest that seek the attention of tourists. The state government and also other organization have contributed a lot of revenue to construct the land into a wildlife sanctuary or national park. The national parks and other zoo are the leading tourist attraction in India. Tourists from all around the world come here to experience their adventurous vacations who are aficionado to wildlife. In India, there are various different kinds of state that are placed to particular direction which are also famous for some or the other attraction. But among all of them the most popular destination and first choice of tourist is the Manipur state.

The Keilbul Lamjao National Park is a famous attraction for the visitors who hail here for exploring the wildlife of Manipur state. The park bestows a wide range of rich species of mammals, birds, and flora or vegetation. There are various species of mammals that reside here which are worth watching. Among all of them, the most common animals you can spot are the monkey, Hoolock gibbon, wild cats, deer, and many more. Apart from the numerous species of mammals, the well renowned is the Sangai deer which is one of the famous attractions of this national park. There are different types of deer species including Thamin deer, hog deer, sambar, Sangai, and muntjac. The Sangai deer species is the most famous one which is known as the ‘dancing deer of Manipur’ by the local village people. The Keibul Lamjao National Park also covers a large portion of wetland which is due to the Loktak Lake. The lake contains freshwater where a number of wild beast and birds come to quench their thirst. So this lake is the most popular spot in this national park where you can easily spot the species of animals and birds. A most visited site in the state of Manipur during the month of November to April.

Another most famous destination to witness if you are planning to have your vacation in Manipur state is the Manipur Zoological Garden. The zoo is located in the district of Imphal which lies at a distance of six kilometer. This garden also preserves a number of wild beast species that mostly dwell here. The most common animal species that visitors can spot here are the brow antlered deer which is also known as the Sangai deer. This deer species is simply called as ‘the dancing deer of Manipur’ by the village people. Apart from it, this garden also is a habitat for around 420 wild animal species and over 55 different types of bird species which you can spot while exploring in this place. Tourist come here from all corners of the world including the international and residence that hail here to witness this zoo. The Manipur Zoological Garden protects a huge number of wild beast species in this shelter under the protection act of Scheduled I and II. This place is perfect for the adventure enthusiastic where they can experience thrill and excitement by indulging in various activities. There are several areas like the stunning hillocks, where you can trek, climb, or watch the beautiful two winged birds. The zoo is open all days of the week but is closed on Monday.

In case, you are planning to have your vacation here, make sure you check out the entry and exit time which is necessary to know for avoiding troubles. You can also explore these national parks or wildlife sanctuaries of Manipur with the aid of the tour guide. This guide will escort you to the main spots where a large amount of wild beast species reside or wander in the parks or sanctuaries. It is worth to visit these capital cities of Manipur to experience a thrilling and adventurous wildlife of this state.

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