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At a glimpse :

State : Manipur, in the north east of India.

Best season to : November to April.

Atmospheric conditions : Temperate climate.

Place : Manipur Zoological Garden is situated at short distance of around 6 kilometer from the city of Imphal in the state Manipur.

Facts :

The Manipur Zoological Garden is the most popular attraction in the state of Manipur. This prominent park was established in the year 1976 on 2nd of October. For nature lovers and adventure aficionado it is the perfect place to explore. It is situated at the Iroishemba which lies on Imphal Kangchup Road. This garden is located at a distance of around six kilometer from Imphal. It is the most prominent attraction of the city Imphal.

The Manipur Zoological Garden is an iconic place in Imphal city, which protects a number of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. There are various alluring spots that are worth witnessing if you are planning to make a trip to this zoo. This zoological garden encloses a large amount of wild beats that reside here and also can be easily spotted while exploring in the zoo. The most common wild animal species found here are the brow antlered deer which is simply known as the Sangai Deer or the dancing deer of Manipur. This species of deer are very less in the world and visitors can only discover in the state of Manipur. In the zoo, there are various species that dwell in this shelter around fifty five bird species and four hundred and twenty animal species that are present in this enchanting garden. The Manipur Zoological Garden is one of the frequently visited tourist destination, but it is also a home for over fourteen animal species that reside on the boundary of the active area where they mostly aboriginal to this place.

The zoo is surrounded by the Manipur Agriculture University which is situated on the southern part, the Langol Road lies on the western part, and the paddy (rice) field on the leftover side. The Manipur Zoological Garden is house for a wide range of the endangered and rare species of both animals and plants that have their habitat in this region. The wildlife of Manipur is protected here by the act of Scheduled I and II of wildlife (Protection) Act in the year 1972. The zoological garden is considered as the jewel box of Manipur state which draws the attention of myriads of tourist every year. If you are planning to visit this garden then make sure you explore here with a help of tour guide. This wonderful garden is located at the bottom of the hillocks which is covered with the pine tree. It nestles on the western part of the Lamphelpat which offers an amazing experience for the visitors.

Majority of the tourist come here is in the month of November to April which is an ideal time to witness the Manipur Zoological Garden. This amazing park is situated at a convenient place where travelers can get easy access to reach here. The state of Manipur has provided various services for mode of transportation including by road, rail, or air. There are regular buses both local and private which pass through various cities and township from the motorable road. The Manipur Zoological Garden is the most visited destination and the first choice among tourist, therefore, this park is open for visitors for all days in a week but except Monday. An important note for voyagers before witnessing this park is that the park is not open in from early morning like other national park or wildlife sanctuary. But it is open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm during the summer season that is from the month April to September. And during the winter season it opens from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the month of October to March. Entry fees are charged for the residence and international visitors, the ticket counters open mostly 30 minutes prior to the closing time as per the schedule of the Manipur zoo.

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