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Meghalaya City Guide
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Meghalaya Places to see
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Meghalaya Places to see
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Welcome to Incredible Meghalaya

Tucked within a state (Assam) and a country ( Bangladesh) the environment of Meghalaya gives a Scottish view amidst Indian charm. The summits of mountains overlooking the clouds of mist are breathtaking views that are sure to capture your heart. The state is dotted with several tourist spots that mainly concentrate in natural views. Landing on the state will reveal that Mother Nature has unveiled all her glory over Meghalaya. The peaks, waterfalls and wildlife parks, all of them are fascinating and one of the best in Inida.

The eastern part of the state delighted Scottish people and they settled there by marrying the inhabitants of Meghalaya named Khasis. The ambience in the east Meghalaya or in Shillong, is just perfect to make the Scottish people feel nostalgic and hence got the title “Scotland of the East”.

Typically caves are considered to be a spooky den with horrifying creatures like bats appearing suddenly from the dark interiors and startling all the beholders. The caves in Meghalya will make all your perception of caves vanish with the clean limestone deposits creating stalagmite and stalagmite pillars. Varied formations of limestone deposits will evoke astonishment to you as you visit the caves such as Garo Hill Caves, Krem Um Lawan Cave, Krem Kotsati Cave and many other unknown caves in Meghalaya. Geologists have infereed that there are several caves in this state that are yet to be explored by humans. Perhaps you may discover a new cave that was hiding in the terrains of this northeastern state!

Presently Meghalaya Adventurs Association or MAA has come up with interesting Cave Tours that involves 3 to 4 days. Tourists can enjoy caving, a bit of trekking in the hills and some excellent sight seeing.

Apart from the natural wonders, Meghalaya has monuments of historical importance. The Kiang Nangbah Monument created in the memory of immortal hero Madiah Kmai Blai, speaks about the gallant Jaintia martyrs who had put tough resistance against British army.

The package tour of Meghalaya can take you deep into the intriguing places of the state. Don’t miss the chance to experience the feel of Scotland among the thick greenery, while staying within the boundaries of India.

Unique Experience Of Meghalaya
"Meghalaya Wildlife"
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