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Meghalaya Places to see IALONG

Ialong - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Location : North Eastern India, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya

Best Time to Visit : Round the Year

Places to See : Ialong Park, Eco Park, and Pynthorwah Valley

Souvenirs : Meghalayan handicrafts like sleeping mats, rain shields, baskets, bamboo and cane articles.

Ialong - The Tale of the City :

The tale of Ialong begins with the origin of the Jaintia Hills. In 1500, the Lord of the Hills had formed a state. In 1700, there was a battle between the Bar Barua and the Bar Phukan. In 1824, the Rajah here signed a treaty with the British after the Burmese invaded the place. After this, the British had a passage between the Khasi and Jaintia Hills and connected the Assam and the Surma Valley. In 1835, whole of Jaintia Hills was a British area. In 1841, Christianity spread in this region. In 1951, Jaintia Hills became a district alongwith other districts. Ialong was a small town in the Jaintia district. The chief of the area was the Doloi. They represented the people of each region. Jaintia Hills was known as the “Ka Ri Khadar Doloi” or the Land of the Twelve Tribal Chiefs.

Ialong - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Ialong changed alongwith the Jaintia Hills. In 1952, the tribal chiefs came under one autonomy. Jaintia district took birth in 1972, after the State of Meghalaya was formed. Ialong is a part of this district. It is amongst the oldest type of Jaintia Hills villages. Lying near NH 44, it is a beautiful spot with a grove called the Khloo Lyngdoh Ialong. There are lots of interesting remains found here in the grove. It includes the remnants of a fort of yore. It is made of boulder of ancient times. This is the place where the Jaintia king had his soldiers protected from the enemies. This was during the 19th century.

Ialong - A Rendezvous :

Set amidst picturesque surroundings, Ialong, God’s own gift has a greenery spanning over large areas. The Ialong Park is around 8 km from the nearby city of Jowai. This has the perfect atmosphere for a nature lover to want to come back again. The local history and the culture is entrenched in the sacred grove found here which speaks volumes of the history of the past. Tourists like to come here to see the ecological park, which shows the best kind of sea life, and also to see the canals, dams, lovely dense jungles etc. The Pynthorwah Valley adds to the magnificence of the place.

Ialong - Travel Kitty :

A tourist coming to Ialong, the Pynthorwah valley town would go back with a lot of memories and nostalgia. Ialong is located on the banks of a lake. There are vast fields of paddy found here. This coupled with the beautiful River Myntdu, flowing across the town, makes a perfect picture for long-lasting memories. There is a sense of calm and beauty here that is irresistible. The travel kitty here includes the ambience, the local handicrafts and the immense memorable experience. The lovely golden look with a yellow tinge of the paddy here is a mystical feel and this adds to the endless travel kitty in Ialong.

Ialong - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The lovely view of the PYnthorwah Valley and the flat lands is the sheer joie de vivre in the city. The atmosphere here is so electric that one can only gasp for more and ask for one more vivid experience like this. A person coming here would see the following things:

Valleys and Parks :

Lalong Park :

This is situated near Jowai. This is a beautiful park which is famous for its lovely sacred garden and it also is in front of the beautiful valley of Pynthorwah. A place which relaxes and rests the tired tourist’s mind.

Pynthorwah valley :

A lovely picturesque spot which is full of scenic beauty and enthralls a tourist’s mind.

Eco Park :

There is an eco park coming up here and is being developed by the tourist department of India. This is going to make the place very attractive and interesting for the tourist.

Khloo Lyngdoh Ialong :

It is a sacred grove where earlier the soldiers were protected. This is an old area and exists from the 19th century.

Thus with its idyllic surroundings and the best of natural flora and fauna, this place is home to a lot of scenic beauty and rests the mind of a weary traveler.

As a person leaves this place, he thinks,” Into the Garden of Eden, I stept – the garden called Lalong, the scenic wonder.”

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