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Meghalaya Places to see IAWMUSIANG JAINTIA HILLS

Iawmusiang - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Location : North Eastern India, Jowai, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya

Best Time to Visit : Round the Year

Places to See : Sacred stone, Jaintia market.

Souvenirs : Meghalayan handicrafts like sleeping mats, rain shields, baskets, and bamboo and cane articles.

Iawmusiang - The Tale of the City :

Iamusiang dates its history back to the time of 18th century when there was an immortal figure who was executed here. The temporary gallows still exist. The martyr executed was U Kiang Nangbah. He was executed on 30th December 1862. All people in Jaintia would certainly visit Iawmusiang Jaintia Hills. The market place lies along with the gallows. This place is a mirror of the social and economical condition of the place.

Iawmusiang - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Iawmusiang, the land of the sacred stone has come to be known as the place with the biggest market. It derives its name from the sacred stone that lies in the centre of the market. Today the sacred stone is respected and worshipped and the locals regularly propitiate this stone. There is a festival Behdienkhlam festival before which the locals offer worship to this stone. Thus Iawmusiang is a much revered and venerated spot and is popular. The stone earlier was in Nongbah and today has been brought where it is found.

Iawmusiang - A Rendezvous :

A rendezvous with Iawmusiang, the tourist’s pleasure would reveal a lot about their culture and tradition. The garments worn by women are mostly full of motifs of butterflies and flowers. These are seen in a myriad range of colors. The tribes in Khasi Hills make knives and utensils of iron ore. This iron ore is extracted from the mines. Weapons for warfare and guns are also made from this iron ore. The Khasi tribes as also the Jaintia tribes are famous for making cane bridges. These bridges traverse the lovely streams traversing the town. The local craftsmanship of these bridges is worth appreciating. Thus Iawmusiang Jaintia Hills is a perfect feast for the hungry tourist.

Iawmusiang - Travel Kitty :

When a person visits, Meghalaya, he is taken to a land beyond reality. Iawmusiang, the land of the biggest Jaintia market, has a perfect travel kitty for the tourist. It is unique, special and intriguing. Weaving is very much a part of Meghalayan Culture. Cane weaving and weaving of cloth are the small time occupations here. Besides this the travel kitty can add cane mats, baskets made of cane, stools and they are world famous for their high durability. Sleeping mats, rain shields, winnowing fans are also popular here and the interesting part is to see the plaited bamboo and cane being used for making stuff. There are also bamboo sticks which are used to make fishing traps and they really look beautiful and look better when they are being used.

Iawmusiang - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The joie de vivre in Iawmusiang Jaintia Hills is its sheer historical past and the fact that it has an ancient look related to it. The martyr’s stone and the busy market place adds to the ambience. The joie de vivre, here is the sheer ambience, atmosphere and the huge lovely market place. A person coming here would be mesmerized by the scenic beauty, majestic ancient stones, the enthralling market place and the lovely handicrafts available scattered around.

Iawmusiang - Entertainment Factor :

There are many festivals held here in the state of Meghalaya but there is the annual festival Behdienkhlam festival which is famous. The locals bow before the sacred stone here before the festival starts. The locals with their vibrant colors, beautiful accessories make the tourist feel every moment worth. The locale and the surroundings are so pristine and real that the tourist wants to come back here again and again.

As a person leaves Iawmusiang he just muses “And they look up to see heaven.“

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