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Meghalaya Places to see NONGKREM DANCE

Fast Facts :

Situated : Meghalaya, in northeastern part of India.

Celebrated : Usually, in November month annually.

Site : Cultural hub of Khasi Hills, Meghalaya which is approximately eleven kilometers away from Shillong.

Be acquainted with the dance fiesta of Nongkrem :

The dance fiesta of Nongkrem is fêted at the time of autumn season in Smit, which is also the edifying hub of Khasi Hills. This festival goes on for 5 days along with spiritual fiesta of the Ka Pemblang Nongrem dance of the khasis and is renownedly called as Nongkrem hop.

Alike all extra fiesta of Meghalaya, the dance festival of Nongkrem is executed to mollify all superior Almighty (Ka Blei Synshar) for a prosperous bumper crop and wealth of the public.

The rite performed in the dance festival of Nongkrem :

The Khyrim’s Syiem with the main priest executes the ceremony of Pemblang. He presents religious offerings to the Lei Shyllong; who is believed to be the almighty of Shillong crest by forfeiting a cock. A significant part of the fiesta is the part were goats are been sacrificed also known as Pemblang in the religious language. Then offering are given to the ancestress and ancestors of the sovereign tribe to the 1st uncle to divinity of Shillong crest.

The actions in the dance festival of Nongkrem :

Spiritual division of the fiesta lead to dances that consists of spinster girls in all unusual costumes takes part. The men's hopping is obviously more energetic and lively. They carry a rapier in the right hand, usually a colorless hair of Yak whips in the left hand, observing instance to the altering hit of the drums and blissful playing of pipe also tangmuri.

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