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Meghalaya Places to see WANGALA FESTIVAL

Fast Facts :

Situated : Meghalaya, North east part of India.

Known For : Harvest Festival.

Wangala Festival is the yearly harvest fest held in Meghalaya. The fiesta is fêted in respect of the Divine Sun : Saljong, known for fertility. The fiesta implicates the start of winter season and it also symbolizes the ending of a phase of toil that brings excellent production of the meadow.

Wangala Festival is also called as “Hundred Drum Festival”, that mostly comprises of tribal groups presenting forfeit to gratify their chief divinity Sun God: Saljong.

The fiesta broadens from 2 days to 7 days, with the 1st day spotlight on the ritual of ("Ragula"). The 2nd day rite of (“Kakkat”) is executed. Folks of each and every age group old and young wear multicolored beautiful new clothes with feathery headdress and hop to the melody played on extended oval-shaped beat.

The fiesta brings a recreation for the folks of Meghalaya. Sound of barrel played at the time of this fiesta reverberates in the mountains for an extended time to come. Though the dances executed all the time have a few variations, however the main thought remains a row of similar line - 1 of women and men dressed in their celebratory attires. Members move in queues while singing and beating drum in a musical way.

The major pull of the fiesta is the melody and group music being performed by all the men in a musical way. (‘Orchestra’) includes flutes, drums and gongs interposed by the loud melody of an ancient flute readied of the horn of buffalo. You will feel a distinguished sense of cadence in the players, old and young, and the energetic dance gives out an everlasting feeling upon the observer.

Siju Caves in the undulating Garo Hills is the location where this grand fiesta takes place. . This cave is also called as the (Cave of the Bats) or Dobakhol .One-major thing on these caverns is the set down of stalagmites that are found here at present. The caverns, situated on the Garo hills, climate, tranquil natural loveliness, gloomy sky all captivate the visitors coming at this place and particularly at the time of this fiesta can enjoy the tranquil beauty as the ambiance is filled with musical melody of drums.

Implication :

The state of Meghalaya, that means (arena of clouds) mainly is a farming and agricultural land. The residents here consequently adore the God of agriculture and farming. The Wangala Festival is consequently an impressive festival to rejoice the season of harvest. This is for the reason that after days of long labor the people find respite in considering the blond produce. Therefore, they pay respect to the God who sanctified them with splendid harvest and dance and sing to proffer adoration to the kind deity. The residents of the Garo hills make frequent sacrifices and offerings to God for his blessings and support. In all fiestas intricated on the tradition and culture of the residents of the Garo Hills.

Celebration Time :

Distant from rejoicing the golden yield the fiesta also implicates the start of winter season. Thus, this fiesta is positively fêted in the winter season usually in the November month.

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