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Meghalaya Places to see NOHKALIKAI FALLS

Fast Facts :

Situated :
Nohkalikai, Meghalaya, India

Known For : Beautiful and graceful waterfalls

One of the most grandiloquent and definitely - and is also the most stunning water falls in the country. The most amazing phenomena about this waterfall is that it falls in Water falls in one single force about 335meters high.

Watercourses from profound rains :

Watercourse shaping these waterfalls is petite - Its only two kms, the gushing water is unruffled from the moderately small flat terrain around the Sohra village.

This fall is one of the important waterfalls because it is located in the worlds rainiest areas i.e. Cherrapunji.

Flat terrain around Sohra town of (Cherrapunji) town is approximately infertile and in the winter seasons it can turn out to be arid and also cold. However, in the month of summer, as humid monsoon winds blows from the continual plains of Bengal Bay and Bangladesh towards the country of Tibet, the winds clashes at one point i.e. Khasi Hills and a s a result this place experiences heaviest down pours in the world.Cherrapunji once received 1563mm of rainfall in a day which is 3 times more than that London receives in a year.

Thus, the good-looking hills of Khasi are festooned with garland of innumerable waterfalls and the waterfalls of Nohkalikai fits in to the league.

Portrayal of the Nohkalikai Falls :

Nohkalikai Falls, created by an influential stream, which is formed at the time of the rain. Water cascades in a sole thrust over Paleogene-Cretaceous limestones and sandstones.

Superior fraction of the waterfalls runs along closely to the vertical cliff. This fall looks enchanting as it is formed by the giant grottoes-

In the rainy season, it is very difficult to take pictures as it’s very foggy. You can enjoy this fall even after the rainy season as a gorgeous pool develops at the bottom of the waterfall.

Myth :

As India is surrounded with stories .This waterfall is no exception to the story line.The hills of Khasi gives out many stories and it is believed that the forename of the waterfalls is derived from the khasi language which means Jump of Ka Likai.

The story follows :

Likai was a village woman who resided above the waterfalls with her husband and a cute small daughter. One fine day her husband met with an accident and died leaving Likai and their small daughter alone.Likai was very upset and spent her days crying and remembering the happy days. To support her small daughter she had to do something and eventually she started carrying iron for commerce. Their days were just passing by with Likai dreaming of giving each and every happiness to her only child. Eventually her friends started persuading her to get married once again. She got married again but as her luck was bad, Likai’s husband used to hate her daughter, as Likai would shower all her love to her. Once when Likai was out for work, her husband murdered the small kid and made soup out of the chopped body. Her husband threw the fingers of the small girl in a betel basket. As soon as Likai came back home from her daily work, she was not surprised to find her sweet daughter home as most of the times her neighbors used to take her along with them.Likai found the soup and had it. She had a habit of having betel leaves after her food .So she went near the betel basket to have some but was shocked to find small fingers in the basket. Terrified by the scene she became harebrained of grief and horror. She started running throughout the village until she reached the cliff of the rock and jumped from it. As the story is to be believed. It is said that the smaller waterfall is the daughter and the main waterfall is Likai herself.

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