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Meghalaya Places to see MAHADEV KHOLA DHAM

Fast Facts :

Location : Shillong, Meghalaya, India.

Famous For : Lord Shiva Temple.

The most former Hindu place of worship in the state of Meghalaya is located approximately about (5 kms) on the outer edge of (Shillong) towards the (Upper Shillong), contrary to the (101 Canteen Area). You can park your vehicle at the apex and stroll down a coarse road trailed by a few steps for approximately ten minutes to get to the Mahadev Khola Dham. The Umshyrpi River flows quietly by the surface of the holy place. On the reverse hill, a vertical trip of tangible stairs guides you to the region of Lawshotun.

The place of worship belongs to (Lord Shiva) and is known as (Mahadev Khola Dham). Spiritual faith says that the 1st person to stopover in this location was a sadhu known as (Lakhiya Baba) who approached this place to ponder some (150 years) ago. This area was a bushy jungle at that point of time. It is believed that the major of Subhedar,Gurkha Rifles Battalion saw a sadhu appareled in red dress with a necklace of rudraksh in his vision. The sadhu ordered to search him and erect a small temple at the place.As soon as he woke up, he along with all his army started searching and were surprised to find a “Shivling”.

Now the current place of worship is the location of that quarry. Soon, parishioners started visiting this location and a concrete temple was built here. Slowly, people of diverse (Hindu community) came ahead and erected other places of worship for other goddesses and gods all over the chief site. You will find temples of Baba Ramdeo Maharaj,Tulsi Mata,Laxmi Narayan,Gauri Shankar Mahadev,Ganesh Durga,Lakshman Parivar,Surya Narayan,Bajrang Bali etc.
On the side, there is a tiny opening where a small idol of Lord Shiv is placed. It is said that this cave leads to the sanctified Kamakhya Temple located in Guwahati and is said that the embodiment of (Lord Shiva) walked through this small cave. A story goes around this as it is said that a local also passed through this path and he reached a pond, which is supposed to be heaven. He was warned by the almighty not to reveal what he saw there or else he would turn to a stone. However, he could not resist and he narrated everything to the sadhus sitting outside the cave. As a result, he turned into a massive stone.

Many yagnas, Hindu rituals and Marriages, are held in the premises of this sanctified temple.

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