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Meghalaya Places to see MEGHALAYA WILDLIFE

The state of Meghalaya has a wide range of different attractions that are worth to watch in India. This region is considered to be the most popular destination and frequently visited by the tourist. It is renowned for various alluring sites that are preserved in this place; it includes forts and palaces, pilgrimage and historic sites, fairs and festivals, and wildlife such as national park and sanctuaries. Tourist hail here from all around the world including both national and international. People who are more enthusiastic towards nature and wildlife for them this is the perfect place to explore. Once you reach at the destination, you will come across to numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national park that are maintained here. They are mainly known as the shelter or home for a large number of animal species. While wandering on the parks and sanctuaries you will spot a number of species of insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The most common and important species of mammal visitors can find here are the wild boar, deer, wild buffalo, gaur, rodents, weasels, mongooses, civets, bear, elephants, primates, and many more. During the dark a large amount of bat species migrate from different region and hail here. In one of the national park, the main attraction is the Siju Caves which is made from the limestone is a home for large variety of rare bat.


There are various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are situated within this state. But you want to completely experience the wildlife of Meghalaya then make sure to witness the Balpakam National Park and Nokrek National Park. You can also visit other main sanctuaries such as the Siju wildlife sanctuary and Nongkhylleum sanctuary.

Balpakram National Park :

Balpakram National Park is one of the lush virgin lands. It is located on the south of Garo Hills which lies at a distance of ninety kilometer from village Baghmara. The park was established in the year 1987 and hosts a wide range of wild beast species that are preserved in this state. This national park is popularly known as the holiday destination where thousands of tourists come to visit this place every year. This park hosts around a number of flora and fauna species that are worth to watch. While exploring in the park, you can spot various wild beast including the species of elephant and tiger. They both are the flagship of the park that resides here. The most common species that you can only not other in India is Hullock Gibbons. Besides all the wild beast species, there are some of the rare and endangered animals are the leopards, wild cows, pheasant, deer, wild buffalo, wildcats, Great Indian Hornbill, and lot more. The Balpakram National Park also comprises a large amount of vegetations which is mostly used for making medicines. It is the perfect place for the naturalist, zoologist, and the botanist who come here to experiment for their scientific study. While wandering in the park, make sure you tour with a help of the guide who will take you to particular spot. You can also learn about the herbs and shrubs which are used as medication.  Majority of the visitors herd here during the month of April to June which is known as the best time to visit. There are also various beautiful colorful butterflies that migrate from other regions or countries during these months.

Nokrek National Park :

Nokrek National Park is the most prominent park which is situated in the west Garo Hills in Meghalaya state, India. It is not only popular for the wild beast that habitat here, but is also famous for other attractions. This national park is well known as the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve which is located in the state of Meghalaya. It is the most visited spot and first choice of the tourist while tour to Meghalaya. It is a wonderful place where various endangered and rare species of avi-fauna, mammals, invertebrate animals, reptiles, and many more. The Nokrek National Park covers natural beauty that appeals majority of the tourist from across the globe. The main feature of the park is the soil, it contains the substance of the clayey, red loam, and sandy, but it lacks the potash and phosphate in the land. Along with the soil, there are sedimentary rocks such as the pebbles, shales, and sand stones. The park also preserves huge dark caves which are filled with water and rare bat species reside here. Other attraction in this park is the ‘Simsnag River Game Reserve’ and Nophak Lake which lies few miles away from the park. Bird species are also the main attraction especially for the birdwatchers that can spot in the lush green forest.

Nongkhyllem Sanctuary :

Nongkhyllem Sanctuary is located in the district of Ri-Bhio district which is popular not for the wild animals but for the birds. It is also known as bird sanctuary where around myriads of two winged species dwell here. Among all of them some are the original residence while other is the migratory. This wildlife sanctuary is habitant of various different species like the rare and endangered reptiles, avifauna, mammals, and many more. An ideal time to witness this place is during the months of March and April. Tourist who are nature lover and more passionate about the adventure for them it is an idyllic place where they can spend their vacation. Besides the entire wild beast that habitant here, you can also try out some of the most adventurous activities that each and every tourist indulge into is trekking, hiking, and climbing. It is one of the amazing places that lie in the lap of the nature at Ri-Bhio territory in the state of Meghalaya.

The best season to visit the Nongkhyllem sanctuary is March and April, because during these days migratory birds hail here from various regions and countries. If you are true birdwatchers make sure you come to explore the sanctuary in your next weekend. This wildlife sanctuary also encloses wild beast like the Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Indian Gibson, Black Bear, Clouded Leopard, and many more. This all species are worth watching while wandering in this park. The Nongkhyllem sanctuary is the most appealing holiday destination that draws an attention of around thousands of tourist from all around the world including the national and international visitors. You can also capture some of the beautiful pictures of the scenic natural beauty and the amazing species of wildlife of Meghalaya. This place ensures that you will definitely experience one of the alluring and remarkable vacations in your whole lifespan.

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