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Meghalaya Places to see NOKREK NATIONAL PARK

At a glimpse :

Location : Meghalaya, India

District : Western Garo Hills

Coverage area : 47.48 square kilometer

Placed : At a height of over 1,411 meters

Closest town : Tura and Willim Nagar

Best time to visit : Anytime around the year

Facts :

Nokrek National Park is simply called as the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve. This park is the most famous holiday destination to experience the wildlife of Meghalaya state. It is a frequently visited spot among the tourist which is worth witnessing. The main popular feature of this national park is the biosphere reserve which lies in the northern eastern province of India. This enchanting park is nestled in the wide regions of the dense forest in the terrains of sub Himalaya.

The popular park of Meghalaya is located in the Garo Hills district which lies in this region. It is situated at a convenient place where you can also have easy access to Tura Peak which is located at a distance of two kilometer from this park. Therefore, visitors who hail from far away region can travel by road where various local transport facilities are offered from the Williamnagar, which lies at a short distance of fifteen kilometers from the park. Voyagers can also hail here by traveling from rail; the closest railway station is Guwahati which heads to this park.

The Nokrek National Park of Meghalaya state comprises of various attractions for tourist which appeals them to witness this park while exploring in this region. The most popular attraction to see is the wildlife which have their habitat here, there are a wide range of species including numerous rare and endangered reptiles, avi-fauna, invertebrate animal, and mammals. The most popular wild beast that reside in the park are the Green Pigeon, Pangolin, Fishing-Cat, Capped Langur, Serow, Wild Buffalo, Golden Cat, Clouded Leopard, and many more. This entire species are worth watching, but they are not spotted easily in the Nokrek National Park while straying here. This wonderful place also comprises of a large number of animal species that are found very less due to rare and danger species which will make your vacation the most remarkable one.

Other main feature of the park is the hilly area which is completely covered with the lush green forest. Since it is located at the Himalayan terrains, there are several areas that are specially offered to trek or climb. The entire hilly region is enclosed with the rock pieces which are comprised by the migmatites, gneisses, amphibolites, granulites, and also banded iron that are irrupted by the basic ultra bodies. The soil at the Nokrek National Park is different as compared to the others, it mainly varies from red loam, clayey, and sandy. Mainly the land or the soil of this beautiful park is consisted of the nitrogen and some of the organic matter. But the soil also lacks with the potash and phosphate. When you witness this park, you will notice that majority of the area is fully covered with the sedimentary rocks like the sand stones, pebbles, and the shales.

The natural beauty of the Nokrek National Park seeks the attention of over myriads of visitors every year. They mostly hail not only from the rest of the parts of India, but also from the other international countries. The national park is open for around the year that is for 365 days, so you can plan a trip any time in a year. Another main attraction of the park is that visitors can also take a glance at the Siju Caves which are constructed by the limestone. This huge cave seeks an attention of visitors, but don’t worry within the cavern no wild beast reside so one can explore here easily. The caves are filled with water most of the time, so if you want to wander in it, make sure you explore carefully.

While exploring in the Nokrek National Park, you can also take a glimpse of the ‘Simsnag River Game Reserve’ and the Nophak Lake which are located just close to the park. The Nokrek National Park or also recognized as the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve which comprises of a great diversity of mammals, avian, invertebrate, rare reptiles species, and many more. Many researchers come here not only to research on the green vegetation but also on the fauna which they mainly use for their scientific study. The entire wild beast have their habitat here and are valued to see. The Nokrek National Park is not only a tourist attraction of Meghalaya but also a shelter for various species, especially for the migrated birds.

Where to stay :

The Nokrek National Park provides some of the best accommodation facilities where visitors can stay overnight in this park. There are various accommodations available which you can choose from, it includes rest house, forest department lodges, hotels, resorts, and lot more. They are all well equipped with required amenities as the needs of the visitors.

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