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Mizoram Places to see
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Mizoram Places to see
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Welcome to Incredible Mizoram

Giving very little to scope too walk on plains the state of Mizoram is almost completely covered by hills and mountains. The wide carpets of bamboo all over the state seem like a creation of a forgetful God. The hilly rides of Mizoram will take you to lofty height as the altitude vary from 3000 ft to 7000 ft. the slopes of the mountains in Mizoram are not gentle in general. The steep slopes in many areas are difficult to climb and the narrow gorges are so deep that tourist often can see their bottom. The description of the geographical features of Mizoram sounds like an adventure and if you are trek-freak then this is right place for to explore some challenging trails.

Aizawl, the capital city of Mizaoram is cut by the tropic of cancer from its middle and offers a leisurely solitude. Aizawl is a preferred place for tourists as temperate climate is noted in this city all over the year. Visitors of this city are mesmerized by the splendid vistas of river valleys of Tlawng and Turial rivers. The view of craggy hills of Durtlang offers captivating scenery for tourists.

Picnic spot dot the city of Tamdil or Tam Lake. Tourists cannot help themselves to plan for a picnic once they reach this natural lake. You have diverse options of enjoying the lake’s beauty. Lying by the placid lake is a relaxing experience, options for boat rides are available in the lake for tourists interest, you ca also go for a car drive to explore the jungles nearby this lake. The forests near this lake are rich in flora and fauna and your excursion is bound to create a bizarre as you come across rare animals of Mizoram.

The bamboo forests near the highest water fall Vantawang in Thenzawl hill station will certainly make you take a brief halt in your Mizoram trip. Tourists often prefer to stay overnight to take pleasure in viewing the water body and explore the forest near it.

The sight of emerald fields of rice lined by the hill of Myanmar is a rewarding experience. Saiha and Champhai are two significant districts of Mizoram that will offer great view of natural bounty.

A languid vacation is all what you need to cut the mundane tasks of your life and give a fresh start all over again. Mizoram is the perfect place that can reenergize your tired cells.

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