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With the position at the southernmost tip of North Eastern India, this tranquil land sandwiched between the countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar offers the best tourist atmosphere in the country. With the lovely blooms of flora and the green expanse of the evergreen forests juxtaposed with bamboo jungles, the hills and rivers of Mizoram, the mystical land sing a tune of beauty bathed in exotic surroundings. And rightly so, as this is the place of the Phawngpui or the Blue Mountain and the highest peak in the State.

With 8 important districts characterizing its geographical setup, the state of Mizoram, is a perfect treasure house of the best kind of fauna and flora, notwithstanding the lovely warm people who welcome us when we go there. Whether it is their joyful enthusiasm or their outgoing nature, whether it is their warmth or their caring attitude, Mizos are a lovable lot and attract the tourists from far and wide. Women folk have a great upperhand here in the State and are respected all over. Women employment is very common here.

With a history which talks about Mizos coming from the nether world is today more a fable and less reality. Greatly celebrating the Chhinlung civilization today Mizoram has Aizawl as its capital. The Lengpui Airport connects Mizoram with the rest of the world. The NH 54 connects Mizoram with Silchar in nearby Assam. Bairabi in the district of Kolasib connects Mizoram by rail.

Whether it is the religious centre of Mizoram, Aizawl which is also the capital or it is the lovely Tamdil where picnickers thrive during season time, whether it is the Thenzawl hill station with Vantawng the highest waterfall of Mizoram, or it is the Myanmar hills in the background, Mizoram offers the best stunning views to the tourist. The rice cultivation at Champhai and the border beauty of the state along with Phawngpui the highest peak and the biggest river Chhimtuipui with its crystal clear waters all go along to making this State a beautiful pardise. With the Lunglei hill station attracting tourists and the Rih Dil lake winning hearts with its heart shape, the state of Mizoram is proud to have Zokhawthar the newest village of the State. Visit Dampa the tiger reserve and feel Mother Nature blessing you with its pristine beauty. The treks up the mountains here and enjoying the Mizo dances and festivals complete the visit here.

So just make your way up to this state, enjoy the delicious cuisine and the adventurous activities, and inhale the fragrance of the place and go back with a lot more to remember than you saw.

So welcome to Mizoram - the Land of the Blue Mountains.

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