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Mizoram Places to see CHAMPHAI

Champhai - A tete a tete with the city :

Location : Northeastern India, Mizoram

Best time to visit : October to March

Local Transport : Taxis and local buses.

Places to see : Rih Dil Lake, Tamdil, and Vantawang Waterfall, Kungawrhi Cave, Thasiama Seno Neihna

Souvenirs : Bamboo and cane articles, shawls

Champhai - The Tale of the city :

History has it that the Mizo people belonged to the Fenngo clan and was earlier called Chawnchhim or Lawihmun as per their clan name. In the year 1864, Vanhnualiliana came to be the chief or Lawihmun, and in 1871, his wife Rolianpuii became the chief after his death. During this time, the Cachar Deputy Commissioner came here along with General Bourcher and not seeing any villagers her they made a treaty people in Chawhchim. After this in 1879 when Vanhnuailian’s sons tried to settle, a war broke out between east and West Mizos. Following this, the British occupied Chawnchhim. Thus this place started getting occupied and the Mizos have been here for more than a century. Innumerable clans like Ralte, Sailo and Lusei have occupied Champhai.

Champhai - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Champhai located in the northeastern part of the State of Mizoram is a place that lies not very far away from the India Myanmar border. It is one of the eight Mizoram districts and is bounded by the district of Churachandpur in the north, Aizawl and Serchhip in the west, Myanmar in the south. It is the headquarters of administration in Mizoram. With a moderate climate and a population of more than a lakh, Champhai today has people of all religions living together with Christians dominating the population. Champhai the rural development block is also one of the 5 legislative assemblies.

Champhai - A Rendezvous :

A rendezvous with Champhai, the century old city reveals that this town lying on the border of Mizoram is also strategically important in the geography of India. It is the passage of economic corridor between Myanmar and the country. With its beautiful culture and traditions, this place is a perfect garden of butterflies and lovely orchids. It has the best view of the Myanmar hills and has many important towns too. With a salubrious climate and picturesque beauty it is known as the Rice bowl of Mizoram. Champhai is a place with historical monuments, memorials and memorable folklores.

Champhai - Travel kitty :

With the hills surrounding the place, Champhai, the rice bowl of Mizoram, is today a beautiful resort where lot of incredible handicrafts is available. Lot of handloom articles and such handicrafts are found here in plenty. The beauty of the place and the surroundings give the place its valuable travel kitty. Certainly it is a place of interest for all the tourists coming to Mizoram. The market place here is a shopper’s paradise. Right from household items to clothes to electronic goods is available here.

Champhai - Joie de vivre in the city :

The joie de vivre of this city is to live its beauty, feel its fragrance and inhale its ambience. The place with all its vigour and enthusiasm is a lovely paradise with its serene picturesque views and tranquil atmosphere. One who comes here can find the following:

Lakes, Rivers And Waterfalls :

Tamdil : Also known as the Tam Lake, this is a much favored and popular picnic spot. With fish and prawns thriving in the natural lake, this is around 85km from Aizawl. It lies around 10 km from the Saitual resort. As the place approaches the tourist can enjoy the surroundings leading up to the spot. Boat rides and the tranquility around coupled with the nearby jungles with a stupendous collection of flora and fauna makes this a must visit zone in the tourist chart.

Rih Dil Lake : This is a lovely picturesque spot with the lake shaped like a heart. It is believed that this lake is the venue for the passage of the Souls to Heaven. It is around 22kms from Myanmar. This one kilometer long and 70metres wide lake has actually no external flow in or flow out of water. But the water of the lake is crystal clear and there are many folk tales that are told about this lake.

Vantawang Waterfall : No scenic beauty is complete without a waterfall and Aizawl completes this requirement too. The height of 750 feet from where the waterfall falls also happens to be the highest in Mizoram. It lies around 152km from the main city of Aizawl. The beautiful thickets of bamboo that dominate the waterfall zone render this water body a beauty to take back home. The Thenzawl hill station is nearby and is an added attraction for the tourist.

Thezawl Waterfalls : These are located around 5km from the City of Aizawl. These are the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Mizoram. They lie near Champhai.

Tiau Lui River : This is situated in the Myanmar India border. This river is legendary and is the main place for crossing over. It is a famous centre of commercial activity. Here lots of imported goods are available.

Fiara Tui : This is situated around 65kms from Champhai, the fairy land. Tan tlang is the source of the water here. Legend has it that the locals used to walk a long distance for water. One day, a poor widow’s son, turned a flat stone over and found water underneath. The widow and her son kept it as a secret. Today it is very famous amongst the local community

Caves :

Kungawrhi Cave : This is a very famous cave in Mizoram lying near Champhai. It is situated between the villages of Vaphai and Farkawn. It lies on the southeastern border of Aizawl. Locals believe that this cave was inhabited by spirits when the beautiful girl Kungawrhi was confined here. Kungawrhi was betrothed to Pnathira a very brave young man. But the spirits attacked the couple when they were coming back from Pnathira’s village. The spirits captured and kept Kungawrhi inside this cave till Pnathira came and rescued the girl. Thus the cave got its name. Tourists reach this cave in buses and hired cars. People come here on excursions and treks from the Farkawn village.

Plateau :

Thasiama Seno Neihna : This beautiful flat land is the best place for trekkers. Located at Vaphai which is a village around 86kms from Champhai, this is believed to be the place where Thasiama’s Mithun used to graze. It is considered as a place which cannot be climbed even today. But the legend says that Thasiama loved Chawngtinleri a very beautiful Fairy. The fairy was so pleased that she gave a gift that Mithun would become prosperous. The fairy took Mithun to the hill and protected him from the wild tigers here.

Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang : This is a huge cliff which protrudes from a mountain. It is believed that this is the place where Lianchhiari searched for his lover Chawngfianga. The tribals are found mostly coming here and they sing sweet folklores of the past here. The cliff is located around 64kms from Champhai and lies on the way to Khawbung.

Maghaia Lung : This is actually a Memorial built in memory of the guardians of the dead. It has engravings of human figures and has small creations of animals also engraved in the structure.

Thasiama Seno Neihna : This is a place preferred by the trekkers. It is a lovely place for trekking and is an ideal venue for nature lovers too.

Valleys :

Champai Valley : This lies at the base of the town of Champai. With green hills surrounding the place this place overlooks an expanse of rice fields. This is known as the rice bowl of Mizoram.

With a rich background small little hamlets and beautiful villages Champhai, the scenic beauty of Mizoram, is a place which has many monoliths and monuments depicting hunting, war and personal achievements and is also famous for the “kiwi” fruit plantations. This place is also famous for its lovely fruit orchards.

As the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Champhai has invented the need for tourism to succeed here.

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