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Mizoram Places to see MIM KUT

Mim Kut is one of the most important festivals celebrated in August & September month. It is during this period when the maize crop is about to be harvested the Mizos get involved in the celebration of the festivals like Mim Kut. A beautiful platform is created on the grounds of Mizoram where the people gather together and pray for the respective people who died in the previous year.

The offerings are made of maize, apparels, vegetables, bread and accessories to souls that have past away during the period of Mim Kut festivals. “Zu” is one of the special types of beer which is prepared by rice. This is considered to be the customary drink that is being consumed by the residents of Mizoram. Besides celebrating this occasion, there is also dancing and singing performed by the ethnic communities of Mizoram.

The main occupation of the people involved here are the agricultural activities and thus, it becomes the prime source for the bread and butter of the people in Mizoram. The high hilly region of Mizoram is most suitable for the cultivation of the Mizoram. Thus, this festival sustains the high spirit of the local cultivators from Mizoram who work hard to seek the benefits from the fertile land.

Mim Kut is the festival that symbolizes the profound faith in the residents of the people in Mizoram that is found in the passed away soul and the fun in harvesting the maize crop.

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