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Facts of Mizoram state :

Mizoram is the most famous tourist destination which is located to the extreme northeastern part of India. It is the land of external natural beauty which comprises of various flora and fauna. The word “Mizo” is referred as highlander, so while exploring in this state visitors can spot many stunning landscapes. India is the only country that preserves around twenty eight states, but among all of them the most popular and visited state by visitors is Mizoram. It is considered to be the storehouse of various exotic species of flora and fauna. The state is the land of beauty which is preserved with numerous attractions that are worth watching. When you wander in this place, the most common thing you can spot is the hills that are covered with banana trees and bamboo trees along with wonderful range of pine trees. The hillocks and mountainous peak are covered with the blanket sheet of rare and endangered varieties of vivid orchids that are discovered only in Mizoram state of India. Under the rule of British administration, Mizoram state was identified as the Lushai Hills territory. In the year 1954, by the Parliament Act, the name of this region was changed into ‘Mizo Hill district’. Later in the year 1972, when it formed into a union district, it was then named as ‘Mizoram’. In the Indian union, the state of Mizoram was ranked at the 23rd position on 20th February, 1987.

History :

According to the earlier records of history, it is considered that Mizos migrated in this region around hundred years ago. The tribal people who belonged to the race of Tibeto-Burmese lived in the Mizoram state.

During the earlier century around 1750 to 1850, tribals who migrated here settled down in the small hills. These tribal groups were mainly ruled under the hereditary chieftainship. Besides the tribes of Lushais, other most common groups are the Riang, Chakma, Lakher, and Panei. During the period of the British rule, Mizoram became part of the district of British India, mainly in the year 1891, although the government of these villages left the tribes to the other local chieftains.

After the freedom of India, Mizoram territory still continued to be one of the parts of state Assam. This district was removed from Assam state under the reforming act of the year 1971. It also aroused to the position of union territory in the year 1987 on 21st January. Later in the year 1987, the Mizoram territory was turned into the 23rd state of Indian country. There are various mysterious hidden in this region where some are revealed and some are undisclosed even today. Few of the legendary tales are proudly mentioned in the history of India.

Geography :

Mizoram state is situated between the north latitude around 21-58o to 24o 29' and to the east longitude of 92o 29' to 93o 22.' A line of latitude is about 23 degrees to the northern part of the equator that passes close to the capital City of Aizawl. Mizoram occupies the north east corner of India. It is bounded on the north by the state of Assam and the state of Manipur, on the east and south by Chin Hills and Arakan (Myanmar), and on the west by the Chittagong hill tracts of Bangladesh and the state of Tripura. The Mizoram state is located at a convenient place which borders with other three states that are close from this region; they are Tripura, Manipur, and Assam. These three states are the most popular destination in India that preserves innumerable attractions.

All these states of India are situated at a short distance from Mizoram state, Assam (123 kilometer), Manipur (95 kilometer), Tripura (66 kilometer), respectively. The region of Mizoram is well known as the ‘land of hills’. The stunning hills extend in low natural elevation from northern part to southern. This place comprises of several stunning mountainous peak that enhance the state more, as comparatively to the other state. Majority of the mountains that nestled here has an average elevation of around 900 meters, while the highest point of the mountain is of the Blue Mountain which measures at an altitude of over 2165 meters. The climatic condition of Mizoram state is quite pleasing. During the summer season, the climate is not extreme hot, but the temperature is around 20 to 30 degrees. According to the geographical records, the monsoons are very heavy. Common language spoken here are English and Hindi.

Culture :

The tribals in Mizoram are very dutiful and traditional towards their religion and deities. Each and every member of the village follows the culture of the state. And if you are planning to take a tour to Mizoram in your next weekend, make sure you know some of the knowledge about their tradition and culture. Mizoram people including men and women indulge in various occupations according to their caste. Some of them are good at arts and crafts, while some in other line of work.

The worth treasuring attraction of Mizoram state is the crafts and art of Mizo. The Mizo women mainly indulge in the occupation of weavers, their complex and elaborated designs pleases the eyes with delight and charm. To make the art and crafts of Mizo, they mainly use bright colors in any item making, which they consider to be the unique feature. While exploring in the streets and markets of this state, you can spot exclusive collection of bamboo and cane furniture which are adorned by beautiful designs.

People who reside here are known as ‘Mizos’, which means highlanders. These tribals are the origin of Mongolian, considered to be migrated from the northern western China. The native people of the state are called Mizos, meaning the highlanders. They are of Mongolian origin, believed to have migrated from northwestern China. After some span of period, a large number of people carrying their own tradition, belongings, and culture to diverse ethnicity have produced this state as their home.

Fairs and Festival :

Mizoram is also famous for the dance and music, which differs from one community to other community. The people of Mizoram celebrate every fairs and festivals with full enthusiasm and joy. On the special occasion folk dance and music is played, the most popular traditional dance is Cheaw Dance which is performed on the checks of bamboo. It is associated with smooth folk music that makes the dancers to perform on the rhythm. Bamboo is the traditional prop used from ancient period. In simple language, Cheaw dance is also known as the Bamboo Dance. Around the whole year, the Mizo people celebrate various fairs and festivals, but the three most important are the Chapchar Kut, Pawl Kut, and Mim Kut. If translated from Mizo language, “Kut” is called as ‘festival’ in English. All these three festivals are related to agricultural activities.

  1. Mim Kut : The Mim Kut is the most popular festival which is generally celebrated after reaping the maize during August and September month. The people celebrate this festival with full joy and fun by organizing a fair and illegally drinking beer made from rice, dancing, feasting, and singing.

  2. Chapchar Kut : Another festival is Chapchar Kut which is celebrated during the month of March, usually after the completion of most laborious project of Jhum operation. In this project, the tribals generally clear the jungle by burning all the remnants.

  3. Pawl Kut : In Mizo language, Pawl is referred as “Straw”, therefore Pawl Kut is known as the straw harvest festival. It is another most important festival for the Mizoram people which they mainly celebrate during the month of December.

Dances :

Cheraw :

It is the most distinctive and colorful dance form which is highly celebrated in the state of Mizoram. For this dance the main prop used is bamboo, therefore this festival is also known as the Bamboo Dance.

Khuallam :

Khuallam is another form of traditional dance which was performed only by the honored guests when they enter the village premises where the feast of this community is held. As per tradition, the Mizo people underwent various ceremonies to perform such kind of dance in front of the guests. Khuallam dance is mostly performed in groups by dressing in a colorful attire which is associated with the tunes of drums and gongs.

Chheih Lam :

The Chheih Lam is a unique type of dance which is done over rice beer which is round in shape. It is held especially, in the cool evening. The words in triplets are generally impulsive compositions, telling their valiant deeds and the adventure. During the performance they also praise the honored guests who were present in their middle of the crowd.

Costume :

While exploring in the state of Mizoram, you can spot people with their unique attire. The women in this region wear traditional attire, such as the upper part of their body is fully covered with woven cloth, which is mainly in the form of blouse or shirt. And in the lower portion it is covered by a woven and complexly designed sarong (skirt). The sarongs of women in Mizoram are sometimes very heavy because of the heavy design work that is made on the border line. Whereas, the attire of men is very simple and generally they wear a multicolored shirt and a long piece of clothe which they wrap around around their waist, alike to dhoti.

Rivers and Lakes :

In the state of Mizoram, there are numerous rivers and lakes that are flow from various regions. Among all the rivers, the most important are in the northern area of this state, they are the Tuirial (Sonai), Tlawng (Dhaleshwari), and Tuivwal. The Tuivwal flows from the northwards and fall in river Barak of Cachar district in Assam state. These three main rivers, chiefly the Dhaleshwari, are easily navigable for substantial stretches. In the southern area of the Assam state, the Chhimtuipui (Kolodyne) is one of the important rivers that contain four main tributaries, such as the Tuipui, the Tyao, the Tuichang, and the Mat.

The state also comprises of several lakes that enhance the atmosphere of Mizoram more beautifully. While exploring the state, you can also spot some of the enchanting lakes all across the state. The most famous and significant lakes are the Tamdil Lake, Palak Lake, Rungdil Lake, and Rengdil Lake. Tourists who are fond of boating and fishing, for them Mizoram lakes are the idyllic place to explore. They offer a picturesque and beautiful scene that pleases the eye of visitors with delight and pleasure.

Cuisines :

In India, the cuisines of every state differ from each other. The tribal who reside in this state are mostly fond of non-vegetarian, so they prefer eating meat in their meals. The food of this region is not too spicy as compared to rest of the state, but the plain base of the food mesmerizes your taste buds to delight. Mizoram is most famous for the local wine which is the favorite among all of them. Since, the entire tribal are into agriculture and especially of grapes, the wine you will get is valued just by the aroma.
Other attractions :

Mizoram state is an iconic tourist destination which encloses various attractions for voyagers to visit. The state of Mizoram is enclosed with various attractions that are preserved from ancient period of time. Some of them are historic monuments while some are pilgrimage temples or caves that are mysterious. They mainly comprise of various mythological stories that seek the attention of tourist and are worth to witness. Following are some of the spots that you can visit while exploring in the state of Mizoram, they are Phawngpui, Aizwal lakes and caves, Thansiama Sena Neihna, Suangpuilawn, Thangliana Lung, Buddha’s Image, Khawnglung Run, Lungvandaw, Eastern villages, Tualchnag, Tomb of Vanhimailian, Mangkahia Lung, Pangzawal, Memorial of Chhingpui, Phulpui Grave, Sibuta Lung, and many more. The Mini Zoological Gardens and historic museums at Aizwal are the Paikhai, and Bung which are the famous picnic spots that are worth to witness. Besides all the ancient and historical attractions, the Tamdil natural lake is situated at a distance of 60 kilometer form Aizwal, Champai at short distance of 204 kilometer, and the Vantawng Falls over miles of 137 kilometer from Aizwal region. The state of Mizoram also contains a large number of tourist places which are related to ancient and historical interest, and they are mainly linked with mythological stories, legends and folklore that continued from one past century till today.

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