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Mizoram Places to see CAVES

At a glance :

Region : Located in the northern eastern of India, Mizoram

Best season to visit : October - March

The state of Mizoram is one of the iconic places for various attractions offered to tourists. There are many carven that are carved out from the mountainous hills that generally lies in the northern eastern part of this place. The caves in Mizoram are one of the most often visited destinations by tourists in this state. The caves are great repositories of the legends and the folktales that relate the glorious and valiant life of the people who resided in the region earlier. The caverns of Mizoram also repeat the tales of the village’s and the tribes that are at present not existing. In this state, there are five major caves which visitors can go and visit while touring to Mizoram. Tourists from all over the world come to witness this caves, most of them come to experience some excitement and thrill in their trip.

Pukzing Cave :

The Pukzing Cave is located between the district areas of Aizwal. This cave is considered to be the most unique one and it is mainly engraved by a single involvement which was possible to do by a strongest individual of this region, Mualzavata. The Pukzing Cave which is situated in the state of Mizoram is the most visited site by the tourists who reach the destination for viewing in Mizoram. The main highlight of this cave is the formations and the natural carvings which draw the attention of the tourists to witness it.

There are many mystery stories enclosed in this place that are still unrevealed. The Pukzing Cave is situated in the state of Mizoram. There stands a fable that this cave was engraved by only one single person named as Mualzavata, it was believed that he was the only strongest man dwelling in the state of Mizoram. The name Mualzavata is self explanatory, and it means, an individual who could apparent the hundred ranges in these regions that are covered with forests just in one day.

The Pukzing Cave of Mizoram is situated in the western border of the Himalayan region adjacent to the Marpara village. This cave is one of the biggest and largest in the list of Mizoram caves. This cave measures the length of over twenty five meters inside this site which is also best place to be visited by many adventure seekers.

Milu Puk :

The Milu Puk Cave is one of the biggest and huge caves that are located close to the village known as Mamte which lies in the Lunglei district. According to the tribes of the village who reside near this cave, it is referred as the ‘cave of skulls.’ When you visit this place, you will come to know why the Milu Puk Cave is known as the cave of skulls. As soon as you enter the cave visitors can see lot of heaps that consists of numerous human skeletons which are scattered all around the cave. To reach this place tourists have to travel around one hundred and thirty kilometer from the City of Lunglei which is located in the state of Mizoram, India. There are buses facilities available on the way that connects the other major cities of Lunglei which leads to Milu Puk Cave. This cave is the scariest and freakiest place which draws the attention of numerous tourists from all over the world. This cave of skulls is the most popular site to be visited for experiencing some thrill and excitement in their vacation. According to the size of the human skeletons, it indicates that the people who are now skeletons are taller persons than the Mizos. These taller peoples may belong to different race and other domestic areas before the Mizos dwelled here. They may be the habitants of the place where the tribes of Mizos exist at present. According to the ancient people, it is believed that such kind of people belong to a particular tribe community known as the ‘Tlau.’

Kungawrhi Puk :

The Kungawrhi Puk cave is one of the most popular attractions in the list of Mizoram caves, which is located on the hillocks among the villages of Vaphai and Farkawn. The cave lies on the southern eastern boundaries of the region of Aizwal. According to the tribes dwelling in the nearest village believe that this cave was utilized by the evil spirits as an imprisonment for the good-looking girl, named as Kungawrhi.

According to the mythological stories, it is stated that the beautiful girl Kungawrhi was engaged to a courageous young man known as the Pnathira. This couple was assaulted by the evil spirits on the way when the Kungawrhi and Pnathira were returning back to the Pnathira's village immediately after the matrimonial ceremony. The beauty and quality of Kungawrhi was appealing to the evil spirits who kidnapped her and also restricted her in one these caves of Mizoram. She was kidnapped and kept for a longer time in the cave until she was set free by her valiant husband Pnathira. The name of the cave Kungawrhi Puk was derived originally by the name of the beautiful girl.

The Kungawrhi Puk cave of Mizoram state is the biggest caves among other caves in this state that is mostly visited by many tourists. There are many facilities available to reach this cave, which is effortlessly accessible from nearby villages known as Vaphai and Farkawn and also the capital of Aizawl City. Tourists from across the globe come to visit this enchanting cave and experience some thrill and excitement. However, there are many hidden mysteries in this place which is enclosed even today, so tourists can know the story behind the Kungawrhi Puk with the help of a tour guide. The tourists can also reach this cave of Mizoram state in either buses or by hiring private cars that pass through the routes to the Kungawrhi Puk cave.

Lamsial Puk :

The Lamsial Puk is one of the most popular caves in the state of Mizoram that evoke the dreadful tale of the furious battle among the two adjacent villages. The Lamsial Puk cave in Mizoram is located close to the rural area of Farkawn which dwells in the southern eastern boundary of the region of Aizwal.

The Lamsial Puk in Mizoram offers many attractions for the tourists, but the main highlight of this cave is it preserves various skeletons of the valiant warriors. These heroics gave up their life in the terrifying battle that was battled amongst the two adjoining villages of the Mizoram region. The soldiers call over from other village of the Lamsial, which is at present extinct. However, the human skeletons that are even today showcased in the Lamsial Puk cave are evocative of the valiant warrior tribe that inhabit in this village. This cave also discloses the dreadfulness of the war that took place between two adjacent villages. Today, this village does no longer exist but the skeleton of the brave warriors are preserved for existence of the soldiers in this cave. Tourists from all over the world come to see this enchanting and horrifying cave in the state of Mizoram.

The Lamsial Puk cave of Mizoram state is simply accessible from various rural areas and towns, mainly from the Farkawn village and the town of Aizwal. There are various facilities available which are accessible to reach the Lamsial Puk caves in the state of Mizoram. Visitors travel in regular buses or can also hire a private car which is regularly provided on the routes that pass through the district and various major areas close to the cave. This is a place worth visiting while exploring the region of Mizoram to experience thrill and adventure in their vacation.

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