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Mizoram Places to see CULTURE

The cultural frontier of the Mizoram strictly confines the tribal people who are commonly known as Mizos. The Mizos in the state strive to retain their lifestyle and tradition. This is the reason of abundance of Mizo fairs and festivals in the state. The residents of the state have succeeded in keeping their lifestyle and tradition unharmed despite several foreign intrusions in the state.

The festivals celebrated by Mizos are marked with indigenous dances that offer vibrant look. The most popular folk dance Mizoram is Cheraw dance. Cheraw is commonly called “bamboo dance” as it bamboos are used as props by the performers. Khuallam dance offers another colorful spectrum of costumes and dancers and is performed during the festival of Khuangchawi. Nongkrem Dance is actually a dance of Meghalaya which is performed in selective places of Mizoram also.

The tribal groups of Mizoram are of four different kinds. They are namely Pawi tribes, Chakma tribes, Ralte tribes and Kuki tribes. All of these tribes have migrated to Mizoram from the upper part of the Asian continent. Among all the tribes Chakma tribes are the most significant tribal group of the state. Ckamas are seen to practice a unique religion which is an amalgamation of Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism.

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